Your future is not 100% predetermined.  But it is also not 100% a matter of free will.  "The Secret" would have you believe that everything is all free will.  This is simply not true.  The fact is that your future is the result of a few different ingredients which influence everything that is happening now, has happened in your past, and will happen in the future.  And because very little of this is set in stone, much of the time there are things you can do to reshape your future to bring about a happier and more satisfying existence.

Long before there was a science of consciousness which could validate that certain people do in fact possess psychic gifts, and that the world of Metaphysics could actually alter the outcome of future events, the ancient sages already had this figured out.  

Although there are lots of different points of view as to what determines future events, for the most part there is some consensus that there are 3 elements which go into determining your future:

Below are the 3 elements which guide you on your trajectory towards the future:

  Of the 3, Fate generally has the least to do with determining your future.  Fate is anything that is set in stone.  Sometimes it is Fate that two people fall in love.  Sometimes Fate determines how many children you will have or certain elements you are bound to encounter along your journey.

KARMA:  Contrary to what a lot of religions still teach to this day, Karma is not entirely a system of morality.  Karma is the law of action and reaction - or cause and effect.  That which you sow you will also reap.  This can have both positive and negative qualities to it.  So often during a psychic reading I encounter people who seem to be stuck in a Karmic cycle and I am able to show them how to break out of it.  Clearing one's Karma is often an excellent way to rid yourself of obstacles and repeating patterns which no longer serve you.

FREE WILL:  So much of what goes on in your life, whether it be past, present or future, is simply the result of your own Free Will.  And fortunately  so many of your problems can be solved using your own Free Will.  There are a lot of New Age books out there that would have you believe that your Free Will has supernatural powers to it.  And although sometimes it does, most of the time it does not.  If you don't believe me, try using affirmations or visualizations to manifest a Rolls Royce.  You'll see what I'm talking about :)

Free Will does however have quite an impact on the direction you are presently heading.  But remember, so too does Karma and Fate.  So the 3 combined work together to establish a trajectory, or path that you are traveling on.

During a Psychic Reading, I can show you which parts of your life are being influenced by any of these 3 factors.  And, most importantly, I can show you what can be done to change the direction things are heading - to move toward an outcome that will give you greater fulfillment and provide your life with deeper meaning.   


Psychic Christopher Golden



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