Why do we sense fear when a Shaman spirit first visits?

This a very good question that came into my e-mail box today. So because I have been noticing that a lot of conversation has come up in the discussions and blogs regarding the ancient Native American Shaman spirits, I thought that I would answer it on a blog. It is a natural cycle that sometimes we really don't think about in Modern Day society.


When we walk into a forest, all the nature and creatures just basically become still, just as if they are holding their breath when we arrive to the natural setting. The nature is feeling an awesome fear to our power. It is a total reverence and respect that causes that to happen. They wait and watch to see your intentions. When the intentions are healthy and good for them they thrive, but when the intentions are negative and abusive to them they cry in sorrow. There is nothing they can do. Trees can't get up and walk away when a bulldozer comes through a forest. We ultimately have the power to influence their feelings.


The shaman come into our world with the same influence. However, the are spreading positive energy with their presence because they already know how to walk into a forest to make the creatures feel at home. The initial fear that we feel is the awesome reverence to the psychic and telepathic powers they have. Those of us who are psychic have a much easier time with dealing with them because we are stronger in our minds than other people on that plane of thought and interaction. On this point it is not the shaman that bring fear, but it is our intuition of realizing that a presence more powerful than mortals are in our presence. If we are conditioned to believe that fear comes from the bad things that others do to us to cause fear, then we will respond by having visions of things that make us feel fear. Society teaches us to have fear by the mere fact that we deal with fearful situations around us more often than we did when our forefathers had more natural settings around us. So the first response in so many cases is to have fearful visions. But those are the visions that we created when we did not know how to respond to a sense of reverence for those who have incredible psychic and telepathic in our own minds when we first experience abilities far greater than our own coming from another spirit entity. We can release that blockage to fear over things more powerful than us by allowing the fear to blow through us. We allow the wind to blow the fear out of us so that we can hear a message of wisdom in clarity. The younger braves have fearful visions and are taught by the elders how to get to the real message through pracitice. The elders have experience to guide people through the fearful visions and into a clarity of what the peaceful shaman really did come to say.


Just like with nature, when the creatures see you mean well, they began to look alive again and come out of hiding. It is the same for us when we have shaman come and visit us. They have a peaceful message and we learn that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. That wisdom about fearing fear itself was drilled into me by my dad and my grandma for my whole life.


Now, this is the general directions, but we must be intuned with our own bodies and minds when assessing these things because sometimes people get reversed polarized through environmental and social pollutions.


The general direction to turn to allow the wind to blow through you and allow the fear to pass is to face the South and wait to feel that small bit of fresh air to enter into your nostrils. The fear blows out through your back to the North. Then at that time the North wind of Courage will fill you from the back and not the front. The winds always blow through the back when they fill you so that is why it is important to stand with courage coming up from behind you to get the sense of protection. Go ahead and e-mail me if you have any concerns about dipolorization from environmental and social pollutants. I can help you to learn to asses your own individual directions so that the process still works for individuals that are struggling with this type of haunting.

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Comment by Sara B on September 28, 2011 at 8:54pm
wow, that was nice :) i think i'm the 'young brave' and you're my elder! wow this is turning out to be great.


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