Lately, I've been developing new abilities everyday. For those of you who haven't been keeping up (basically pretty much everyone on the planet), I can already read auras, astral project, and see the very near future. Lately, I'm beginning to wonder if that last one is some form of mind reading because it only applies to what someone is going to say or do. Another new skill is the ability to heal with thought. The other day, my mom fell down the stairs. She was lying there in pain. I looked at her and thought "get better" and within seconds she was up.

I've also began to develop skills outside of the psychic category. The first one being my nails. My remarkable nails have actually been around since I was about four. They may look normal, but they feel so much sharper and leave scars if I scratch you. They also cut things open. Another skill is my weird reflexes. If someone grabs me from behind, I can have them in a death grip in less then five seconds. My nails also play a role in my reflexes from time to time.

So basically, I'm asking you, older and wider psychics, if any of this is normal. Please help me! I don't know what to do!

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Comment by Sophia T. Derival on March 18, 2011 at 11:02pm
dear carly it's normal to feel this way  but at he end of the day you have to feel happy you have this powers it's not like mines are I too can see the futur but it takes a while for them to happen  and I can feel what others fell but not on perpous I can seat in a coner of a room and fel what a stranger feels without taking to the the other day I made a classmate laugh i didn't relize it at first but then i noticed it   was my fault she didn't even notice herself she was laughing. The piont I'm getting at is that you have these powers to help people and for the nail thing i don't know how to help you with that


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