What's It Like Being a Phone Psychic? by Christopher Golden

I was recently asked an interesting question:  So, what's it like being a Phone Psychic?  How does that work?


Most people, when asked about their job, can probably explain what they do.  I actually had to think about this for a moment.  How does one give reliable or accurate psychic advice over the phone?  Why don't you have to be there in person?  How does it work if you've never met before?  How can you be sure you're giving someone the right information or the right advice?  How can you tell the future?


Here's the thing - in the psyche there is no time or space.  Time and space are a function of the mind.  Outside of the mind there is no time.  Time exists in the mind.  The mind exists in time.  Time is an illusion.  Time and space are how our minds organize knowable reality.  And all of reality is rooted in non-local consciousness.  Easy to understand.  Right?


Okay, let me try a different approach.  Past, present and future are all a part of the same landscape.  Everything has already happened.  But at the same time, everything is happening, including the past and the future now.  It's all one instant, played out in linear time inside of the collective consciousness.


Well, I'm glad we cleared that up.


So, as it turns out some people, for reasons mostly unknown to us, are Clairvoyant.  The word itself literally means "clear seeing".  For some strange reason, some of us can see a little further down the road.  Sometimes we can see around corners.  Some people are born with this ability, some people mature into it and others gain psychic awareness after a near death experience of an illness.


So somebody calls me and says, "I'm thinking about getting back into the workforce.  I've spent the past several years raising my children.  What do you see me doing?"  When I first started doing this professionally, 24 years ago, I used to feel a sense of panic when people asked me these types of questions.  Then I learned how to meditate and that has slowed everything down to where I am very, very relaxed.  One moment I have no idea what the answer to this woman's question is.  And then a quiet inner voice sort of whispers.  Not literally.  I don't hear voices and I don't generally use Spirit Guides.  I just wait.


First my mind presents biases, based on how a person's voice sounds.  And there is also the usual chatter - the kind that goes on inside of everyone's mind - it goes on inside of mine as well.  And then it's as if the answer sort of bubbles up to the surface.  And I know it's right.  And I say, "I see you working in the medical field."  And the caller says, "Oh that's strange.  I have goose bumps.  My degree is in the medical field.  That's the last job I had."  And I do this several times a day, with several different people, who have different questions.  And I don't really know for sure how it all works.  It just works.


Future events are determined by a combination of 3 variables: Fate, Karma and Free Will.  I think I'll get into that in another blog, although you can read more about this on my website here: http://www.Psychic90210.com


Perhaps what I've said here just now answers the question.  Or maybe it raises more questions.  If you would like to know more about psychic awareness, or would simply like to schedule some time with me, please feel free to get in touch at: http://www.Psychic90210.com


Until next time, in the future (which is also the past and the present) this is Psychic Christopher Golden signing off.





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