Hello world. I am Carly, an average teenage girl who's a little...different.

Different meaning psychic.

Bet you didn't see that one coming. This being a psychic social network, you probably thought I was the worlds youngest accountant. Sorry to disappoint you.

Anysploo, I can read auras, do the whole astral projection thing, and sense the (extremely) near future. I also have a highly developed sense of irony and play a mean piano.

Besides being psychic, I am often described as somewhat of a genius. Apparently, learning to read at the age of three isn't normal. I have remarkable reading and processing skills that really come in handy when cramming five minutes before the final exam. I'm taking French but have taught myself ahead of the rest of the class. I'm also a history nerd. The only thing I actually can't do is math, but seriously. Unless you're going into a specific mathy career, it's pretty useless once you're out of middle school. In high school it's like, "Oh look. You made a line on your graph. Yay."

Just recently, I learned that I am what experts call an indigo child. I was feeling pretty special until the article said there were tons of them. Being a part of this generation, I disagree. Everyone's stupid. I'm smart. Case closed.

So obviously, I have a lot to learn in this world. Assistance in the form of a comment will be smiled upon.


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