As i've been traveling to Florida, i've been able to see alot of nature and animals. Its been pretty fun so far. I've seeing alot of shaman around and it's cool to look around and see nature of different places in the world. Right now i'm in Georgia and i haven't seen any shaman yet but it's very beautiful here :)

They have just been telling me alot about the nature, since ive been around alot of trees, ive been getting alot about trees. But what i do is send positive energies to them when they are in trouble or in hardship because its a busy world when traveling.

I also went to the world of coca-cola. There was really nothing that really needed to say anything about that, but i kept on thinking about how much of mother earth they were using to make those soda bottles that they were probably just going to throw away if someone didn't grab them as a souvinere. They of course used alot of mother earth to make most of the buildings in Atlanta, but i guess the bottles were just kind of yelling, "Pick me up, please!" but i could only take one. It was also a little upsetting to me because you're not even suppossed to open the bottles because they are collective bottles, But other than all that, i was just fine with it because that place is fun :)

Anyway, i am hopeing to get out on the road tomarrow to see more nature. i hope the plants that ive sent the postitive energies to will be okay.


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Comment by Sherri Lanham on December 6, 2011 at 7:49pm

Wow, this sounds like a great experience with the spiritual world during your vacation. Isn't it fun to be psychic and experience life indepthly every where we go? Thank you for sharing this with us!


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