Using Crystals for Past Life Regression

As a child I was fascinated by reincarnation, past lives and to be fair anything related to the psychic, paranormal & occult even devouring every book I could find on witches, reincarnation etc as a 6 year old which I’m told is not normal reading material????? I loved all the Enid Blyton adventure & fantasy books all of which helped give me a healthy imagination which is perfect for being a psychic & medium!

I have retained the fascination with past lives & reincarnation and because of this passion I trained as a hypnotherapist and over the course of my career I have regressed many people to many lives some mundane some exciting and some were even extraordinary for me as the therapist.

Not everyone has the resources or inclination to go see a hypnotherapist though so I thought about the ways we can regress ourselves in the privacy of our own homes

If you would like to discover more about your past lives then crystals can be our trusty friends as per usual.....

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