Update on 70,000 Guns Trained on Idaho Wolves

Dear Global Family,

In light of the state of Idaho's decision to cull the wolves in their state, I felt a need to enlighten you about some of the consequences of wolf overpopulation.

I know what I'm about to say might not sit well with you and as the animal communicator on the team . . . But, if you have not lived with the threat of wolves eating your pets and animals, which I have lost 5 cats, harassing your horses in the middle of the night, it would happen to us 3 or 7 times a month, then you do not know what it's like to "live with the wolves". I have property north of a little town called Finland in the arrowhead of Minnesota. It abuts the Superior National Forest and the boundary waters near the Canadian border. You might think of the wolves as one of natures misunderstood species that are just trying to come back. I did when I first moved into the neighborhood. Then I was forced to carry a big walking stick with me if I took the 4 big Newfoundland dogs out into the woods, Tom would carry his pistol.. No, we never killed any wolves, gave warning shots - yes. Shook the stick and shouted, you bet. The wolves used to stay hidden and hunt for mice and other easy meals before the repopulation movement. There are a lot of creatures in the woods to eat. The wolf was quiet and stealthy. People would go out into the woods, take the trails and never see a wolf. The wolf was shy. They would cull the deer and moose herds taking the weak and dying, cleaning up carrion. Now the wolf is bold. They are often seen on the trails and out for walks. There was even a story of an elderly woman who went for a walk in the woods by her home in Isabella (8 miles north of my property). She never came home. People searched and searched. Someone found her bones in the spring while hunting moose antlers. The conservation officer said the bones were scattered as if wolves ate the body. She had probably had a stroke or had fallen so the wolves took advantage of it. Pretty Bold! In the winter time the wolves follow the deer down to the shore of Lake Superior. With that concentration of wolves and pets - I never saw anyone walking a dog without a big stick. I would often see a wolf crossing the highway. Before you might be lucky to see a coyote cross the road but the wolves would hide you just never saw them.

Part of the trouble is that the wolf looks for an easy meal - pets are great for that and well feed too. The wolf repopulation efforts have really worked thanks in part to the $50.000 fine to kill a wolf. That fine is gone now and you can kill a wolf if it's causing trouble but during the time of the ban to kill the wolves they became used to getting by with things in front of humans. Now they are no longer afraid of humans and what they might do. The wolves have over populated Minnesota to the point that they are a menace down into the Minneapolis/St Paul area. You need to remember that the wolf is the apex predator in the wild. There is no other predator in nature to keep the wolf in checks and balances. It's very similar to the deer overpopulating to the point they are in our cities and towns. You read of several cars hitting deer weekly in the papers. People don't seem to get all upset about culling the deer herds but they get up in arms about the wolves. The truth is - the wolf has over populated! Ask any farmer who has had to deal with the threat against his herds. Then really listen to what he says as he lists the money he has lost to the wolf over population. That's right a farmer's livestock is an easy meal. Just what the wolf wants. You can feed a lot of wolves on a steer, cow, horse, sheep especially when you have taken the farmer's dog out to get to the animals. I even heard stories about people running into the house to get their phone with the dog outside. They came back, no dog! The wolf just plucked it off the porch. The wolf is an opportunist. That's how they survive in the woods, watching and waiting.

Don't get fooled into thinking that the wolf is just an undomesticated dog! The Wolf is a beautiful animal that is very good at his job, killing to feed his family, apex predator. Too bad if it's your purebred family dog or cat that the kids can't get to sleep without curling up with him, your prize winning sleep, cow, steer, bull, horse. . . . the wolf does not care . I think you get the picture about the irreplaceable animals we love disappearing. Now compound that with the fact that you are forbidden to kill the wolf. Know that the wolf and his family will probably "move in to" your neighborhood because they have a good food source that's an easy mark. This means you will be sacrificing a certain percentage of your herd to feed these uninvited guests.

All I'm saying is that it's time to get the balance swinging towards sanity again. Trust me when I say they can not kill off all the wolves. Wolves will just be doing their jobs behind the scene as they always have. The government learned that they needed the wolves so they needed to reintroduce the wolves to Yellowstone and other areas. They just got carried away with the whole Wolf movement.

This is my perspective after "living with the wolves". Love, Laura

In my opinion only....i truly wish people would STOP thinking the wolf has invaded human space. It is the other way around... We have built our cities and towns so far into not only wolf territory but alot of others as well. We are the ones who are causing then to have less and less food sources therefore they do what they can to survive. We must remember that if killing any animal because it is in our way or invades our space then soon the only time we will see that animal is in captivity such as a zoo. Animals of all kind were here way before human and were building at such a rate we are taking over.i personally think it is wrong to kill the wolf for any reason. Jody

I agree with you. The fact is that over the last 200+ years the landscape has changed by the new apex predator - humans. Like I said, I moved up there with all the sympathy you can imagine for the wolf. With reality, people and their animals spread out all over as it is, it's a bad scene for both the wolves and people to live with.

It's really a pinch when the pets that you've poured you love into disappear without a hair and your livestock is served up for a meal. When the wolf is tracking there is absolutely no sound or feeling on the subtle. No warning at all. You feel and are helpless to protect them. I blamed myself for in searching the ethers I felt I'd drawn them to the vulnerability of my animals. Maybe yes, maybe no. All I do know is that my naivety and self assurance got an adjustment!

Been there/done that, Love, Laura

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