Tsuni Goam: Infinite Supreme Being of the Koi Koi Tribe

Well I just spent 20 years writing research papers on other people's ideas on religion and politics. Lots of political ideology in college no matter what subject you are studying. So please forgive me that I have been taking out time to discuss my own research that I have been keeping really silent in order to finish my classes and be a good student.


I ran across some really interesting stuff on my journey. And gee, this one was a research project that came up when a friend of mine was complaining about her knee. She said that she was not sure if it was from a past life, or her current life, or if it was even her own thinking that had caused her to have this knee affliction. So I began to research some material and then I ran across this little gem.


Ok, the Koi Koi tribe has some mythology that was written in Sanskrit and Hebrew. Wow, now that is mind blowing considering that they were in the West Indies. Absolutely wonderful and beautiful tribe by the way. I had a chance to look up some of the current pictures of people and their surroundings. They speak in such lovely and respectful ways about so many things.


Tsuni Goam was a man who overcame all darkness. On his journey he ended up wounding his knee and then he was given an infinite place in the heavens. The location of his dwelling is in the Nebulae of Orion that we observe in the sword. So the myth is told that although Tsuni Goam became infinite he could never become perfect because of that wounded knee that he had.


The suggested reason for this wounded knee was to be a servant to others in helping them find the way in the light to overcome the darkness. Now this was quite interesting to me because the Hebrew word for darkness has a letter Koph at the end. And that letter interprets on a personification level of a king that bows the knee and serves his people.


So I did a quick study of how to say the letters of the Supreme Beings' name in Sanskrit. Recited it forward and backward and then lifted up my pant leg over my knee so that the light of Orions Nebulae could reflect on my knee without any covering. I felt my knee pop and energy flowed in a clockwise motion in my knee.


Now for about 13 years I have had MS symptoms that make my knees lock up and feel like they are bending the wrong way. Well I have symptoms that do other terrible things to my body as well. But right now we are focusing on my knee. From this day forward that knee does not lock up. So of course I e-mailed my friend right away.


Well, I have question marks written all over this one because I don't really know if it was a fluke or if it was real. So my research is full of question marks. Look up this....research that.....do experiments on this....discover what this means...etc. I know that it was real that happened to me. Who knows maybe the light creatures were just having compassion on me because I keep working hard and not letting this illness ever get me down. But I really don't know if it could be possible to work on someone else. I mean I did it realizing I had nothing to lose except for helping my friend in her knee problems. Maybe just maybe I can come up with something tangible that really works in the Tsuni Goam light research.


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