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Today Mercury (The Magician) retrogrades back into Capricorn from visionary Sagittarius on December 18. Mercury rules the mind, perception,intelligence, and communication. During Mercury’s visit in Sagittarius, we were inspired with visions on how our future should be like along with past issues that were hidden in the closet that have suddenly emerged. Now with Mercury in Capricorn we are asking ourselves “how do we make it happen”? Technically the retrograded ended back in December, however the shadow will last until January 22. This will give us clarity and the strength to figure out how to manifest our dreams into reality and to fix what was broken.Mercury and Pluto will make another round on January 17 making this the third and final pass bringing resolution and healing in the areas that you were worried about in December. If you have a copy of your birth chart, you can get more insight into the meaning of this influence for you personally.



The upcoming Mercury-Pluto conjunction offers the opportunity to uncover and transform subconscious programs that undermine our creative authority. By confronting all this with honesty and compassion, we can say Goodbye to the demons lurking in the deep recesses of our minds creating turmoil and doubt, after that we can reclaim our inner  most magical power, THE WILL TO SURVIVE AND THE COURAGE TO CHANGE!

On January 22, the same day that we are finally free of
the Mercury Retro slow-down, Jupiter moves into dynamic Aries, Jupiter will bring the principle of expansion and the will to create, while Jupiter is in Aries this will be inspiring us to wake-up and live our life along with expressing our authentic selves. Without that perception, the speeding up of outer-world events could cause an increased feeling of helplessness and depression. This is the time  to look ahead with positivity and do not give into the self-doubts and fears of the unknown; embrace all you have and make it into something magical.


Do you want to know how this effects you? Then you will need to find the house in your chart where 4-5 degrees of Capricorn lands. The areas of life represented by that house are where you will have to look beneath the surface to uncover and shed the beliefs and misconceptions that no longer serve you,speak your truth, reclaim your power, and share your vulnerability. This is the only way you can make amends, move on, and finally start to live the life you are being called to live. if you do not understand where your area is after you look at the chart or are confused on what it all means then give me a call and we can discuss it all.

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