a Year of Openings…

color – green, crimson, pale blue… metal – copper… gemstone: emerald and opal.

2013 marks the opening of a new cycle on Planet Earth, the birth of a new age, some say the birth of the Aquarian Age… and with this shift we see the energy of the Divine Feminine rising, a balancing and softening of the patriarchal systems that have dominated our thinking for 1000's of years. What is happening now in India, finally opening up about the chronic abuse of their women, is a wonderful example of the rising of the Divine Feminine… This is a year when more women find their voices, issues related to women and children will come to the fore… we should see our female leaders gaining strength as their good advice is accepted and acted upon…

With this being a 6 year, we will see something of a family orientation, a year when goodness prevails, when the qualities of compassion, kindness and generosity are stressed, a time when folks are reaching for harmony, and are more prepared to focus on helping the homeless and women in need… And if you are wanting to have a child, this is a good year for getting pregnant.

2013 should be a good year for business – and marriage… and the creative arts, the entertainment industry… Religious communities may also see some growth in this period, since more people appear to be going to church this year… The medical profession, social work, politics, education or any other area that provides counsel to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs of others should be in greater demand this year…

We are coming out of the doldrums, we see a lot of social activity, people in the mood to be entertained, whether at a football game, a concert or simply over dinner with friends….

The world of fashion will focus on a sense of harmony and balance in colour, texture and form. New textiles seem to be creating some excitement, reducing costs for consumers, designer fashions becoming even more accessible…

Around the economy, we see the backroom discussions of the past year (noted in our 2012 predictions) beginning to manifest in new plans and alliances… We are making progress, although it is still slow, more people are working, money is flowing more easily, but many are still struggling, personally, in their businesses and with weak national economies. There remains a great need to ponder the economic and political situations, to think carefully about taking the best action… best to postpone large-scale projects until 2014 – or at least to proceed very slowly. We see many plans and projects coming up around infrastructure, new ideas to replace outdated systems and structures.

We expect 2013 to be a tumultuous year with the weather and the environment.. flooding is a serious problem, not only along the coastlines but also inland, a result of heavy rains… The UK, some parts of Europe and China, and the East Coast of the US are in particular danger this year. This is a year of extremes – the extreme heat and fires in Australia, the ongoing drought in the South Western United States balanced by cooler temperatures and flooding in other parts of the world. Still, 2012 was the hottest year on record - 2013 could beat that record. Heed the storm warnings! As we saw in 2012, the warmer temperatures - and warmer waters - set the scene for the perfect storm.

We see danger in the mountains – significant mudslides and avalanches could be in the news this year.

There is a sense of being “protected in time” … this appears to come in the nature of thwarted terrorist attempts – threats that we may not even know about because they are caught in time, there is protection from hidden danger. With this comes a warning also to pay attention to public warnings – evacuating, for example, when you are asked, could save your life…

Challenges in 2013

Beware the green monster – issues of jealousy and possessiveness could manifest in our personal and business lives and create unnecessary conflicts among political and religious communities, even countries. This also applies to the implementation of national programs to encourage manufacturers and consumers to “shop at home.” Such policies can create real discord between trading partners this year.

Beware of anyone who proclaims themselves to be a saviour, carrying the burdens of others on their shoulders – they must learn to discriminate between those they can help, and those they can’t. In 2013, high ideals can lead to feelings of betrayal when others don’t live up to expectations… a year to keep expectations realistic and to be practical in reaching for the ideal.. Idealism could end up tearing down, rather than building up, the good in society.

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