I was just telling my friend, Teresa, that I was going to blog this episode just to see what others had to say. A few months ago, I had a 9 foot shaman come to me and give me a totem that gave me the energy to transform into animals. But well not just animals but also other living things such as trees. I know a lot of you are thinking to yourself, wow that is just really far fetched. But I have been studying Hebrew for 20 years. Started studying Kabbalah for about 6 years now. And I was raised practicing shamanism from the teachings of my grandmother. So when this first happened I thought that I had only had a major vision. And it seemed like it was such a real vision, but never the less, it was a vision.....or so I thought. It was not until my neighbor told me that he saw a wolf in the park at the same time as when the episode had happened. I said, Oh my goodness was that me? Well then again, I had turned into a tree.  The neighbor told me that he saw a tree inside the open space park that I live next to that he had never seen before. He said, the next day, it was gone. Low and behold, the spot where I had been standing had earth overturned in the ground. So I e-mailed my friend and said, Wow can you believe this? I wrote about the experience in my diary so that one day my children would know and understand how to do this. I had seen this totem so many times in my life and I had always wondered why the face of the totem was like it was. I always asked people and mostly I just heard folklore about this totem. On that very day, I found out what the folk lore actually meant. Because I experienced it.


I have so much to say about these whacky experiences and what I learned by going through them. But what I am going to talk about is what just happened recently. The super moon made me sick for about 3 weeks with a migraine and I caught a cold that just seemed to linger. Ugh! Well, the shaman appeared in my room and said, The next transformation will be an eagle. And I argued because I had been taught that women were not allowed to transform into eagles. As a child, I had experienced the boys dancing the sacred eagle dance. But I was only allowed to watch. Which that is the case in most American Indian cultures is that women really don't get to do the fun stuff. They said that the boys would always dream of becoming an eagle. But I wanted to so badly that I would run and jump off of rocks to pretend to fly. Nevertheless, the shaman said...You have earned this. As soon as you are healthy you will be able to do this.


So I went into the totem and transformed. Flew all the way to my friends house. Very difficult because I was not being able to catch the updrafts properly and kept going back to the ground. Got stuck in one place where I transformed into a wolf to get out of. Finally made it to my friends house. I went to her door to get her attention. So when I went to peck at the door. I accidentally went straight to the door. I said, oh my goodness, I don't have a physical body. It was then that I realized that in my hurry to get to my friends house I did not finish the transformation properly. So immediately I went straight home which seemed easier after learning how to catch the updrafts. (Also realizing that I was a vapor caused me to feel like I was not going to really fall like I had the fear of before.) I transformed back and woke up from the meditation. I was so exhausted. I called her and apologized for upsetting her home with my energy. She was so lovely all she did was breath into the phone healing energy to help my cells come back together since I had made such a terrible silly mistake. I went straight to bed to rest. And today, I actually feel more energetic and healthy than ever!!!! Thank you friend for helping me to fix my mistake!!!! It is so important to have friends help us in our experiments. More about these things later....Hopefully a more substantial finding and result as to the outcome next time!!!!! I am laughing because I am silly. Ha Ha! Got to keep working and getting better at what I do these days. If it was not for feeling so excellent and terrific I would probably take a long break from trying to do this again for awhile. It reminds me of the disclaimers on TV. Kids don't do this alone!!!! Make sure somebody with cell healing energy powers is near to you...Thank you friend!!!

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Comment by Sherri Lanham on March 30, 2011 at 11:18am
Thank you Kana for your nice words. Because it seems to be the most important lesson that I learned is to make sure that friends are available when we experiment with our gifts. And what I found out was that I had an accidental success in an out of body experience instead of what I was aiming at trying to do. So I documented the mistake in my diary. The family will have a good time laughing over that for many years. We will recite the story....When my mother became eagle vapor!!!! Oh it is really funny isn't it? So don't forget my dear that we need friends who are true blue in every way during our processes. And I want you to know that I have got your back in every thing that you set out to do. I mean it really does not matter if I succeeded or did not succeed. And it does not even matter if it is truly possible to accomplish it does it? The major point of the deal was that I was willing to try to connect to something that our heritage holds dear in our memories of our people. So don't forget that the spirits see us trying to accomplish our gifts and find great peace in our efforts. Not really our successes. Just like Isaac Newton did, we write down the mistakes so that we learn from them. And then who knows, maybe it will someday lead to a success. You never know. Thank you for getting the main point of the story. It seems like the greatest treasures are in what kind of relationship comes out of our endeavors. Now I feel stronger and healthier than ever from your response. Thank you so much.
Comment by Sherri Lanham on March 31, 2011 at 8:23pm
Alright you guys get a load of this!!!!! Today, my mentor mother at work came to work with something important to give me. She said, it is time for me to give you my legacy. I received her certificate for Eagle Flight Certificate for dedication in making a world free from hunger, disease, and suffering. She said, Now it is your turn, Sherri. So I am hanging it on my wall with a placard. I told her I will make her proud. Unless she reads this website she had no idea that I had just got done practicing that gift in hope that I could quickly relieve the hungry people who have been crying out in our nation recently. Neither did I tell anybody that it was because of the dedication I had in the community that I lived in that the Shaman had told me I would receive the gift. So my plans are going forward peacefully with a wonderful sign from people as well as from the spirits. Just wanted to write the confirmation as to how my mistake was received so peacefully because of the willingness to hear. Thank you for listening every one.


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