Top 5 Benefits of Consulting a Beverly Hills Psychic for Love Advice


Psychics such as Christopher Golden, are “the new love therapists” for celebrities these days. Celebrity psychic clients include everyone from Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Brett Butler, to Heidi Montag, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cameron Diaz. The popularity of the psychic has, in fact, grown over the years. The Pew Research Center found that 15 percent of Americans had contacted a fortuneteller or psychic in 2009, 1 in 5 Americans had seen ghosts and 29 percent feel they’ve been in touch with the dead somehow – which is twice as many as a similar survey from 1996. There are many benefits to seeing a Beverly Hills psychic (either in person or online) to answer your most pressing life questions.


1.     You’ll find a sense of inner peace.


A few years ago, UK model Katie Price told the UK Mirror she is convinced that her “future is mapped out,” following a series of psychic predictions come true. One of the predictions was that she’d meet the man of her dreams – just days before getting together with Leandro Penna. Her friends say she is “really taking this spiritual stuff seriously” and that it has changed her life.” Realizing that some things are beyond her control has freed her in a sense, and given her a sense of inner peace. Going forward, she will be less likely to micromanage and try to control others – and more likely to make amends with people she may have wronged in the past.


2.     If you want love, you can create it by self-fulfilling prophecy.


Much research has been conducted about the power of mind over matter and how positive affirmations can alter a person’s reality. Consider the 2003 study conducted by Robert Rosenthal where half a classroom was (arbitrarily) told they were “unusually clever” and that they would “blossom by the end of the year.” When the time came, tests revealed that these students had, in fact, scored the highest. 


3.     You’ll find it easier to sort through the clutter, focus on core issues, and decide.


Often times, what the psychic pulls out of you will help with your focus. According to the Life Leap Institute, “When faced with a crisis in a relationship…. a good psychic will identify the options in front of you, help you see the pros and cons of each different choice, and, overall, put you in a more powerful place to make the best decision.  They can help you see details that are otherwise unknown to you.”


4.     The advice given is just as useful as a professional therapist’s, but more affordable.


Many people know, deep down in their hearts, what they must do – but find it difficult to manage without affirmation from someone else. Family and friends all have their own ideas about your life, but the psychic is removed from your life and can offer up a more unbiased, nonjudgmental view. People often visit therapists to gain a third party perspective, but the average cost of therapy ranges from $90 to $250 an hour, reports Fox News. The cost of a psychic medium is much, much lower. However, a good psychic will charge will often charge more per hour, but all said and done will cost dramatically less than a therapist and with faster results.   


5.     You’ll feel more confident and prepared about the challenges you face.


Psychic predictions give you a sense that you’ve got a one-up on the world. You feel more confident about what’s coming your way. You begin to feel magic happening around you and you take note of little coincidences, which makes life feel more meaningful. The goal of any psychic in Beverly Hills is to leave customers feeling happy, secure and comfortable with their ability to meet the challenges they face head-on. Psychics offer more positive ways of thinking about the future and help you to become more intuitive yourself. You’ll learn how to better trust your own instincts, clarify relationship issues, and discover your hidden talents.


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