The Waxing Moon 


This week's Moon Cycle  


With the moon moving out of Aries and into Taurus at 10:37p est. on Jan 12, the past several days may of felt as if you were in the lime light filled with fascinating insights all within you and around you. Mercury was in Sagittarius with Neptune and Uranus on the 10th giving way to Jupiter on the11th, which is now making you want to put your plans into action and clear the clutter for good! This is the best time to sell whatever u wanted to get rid of, start looking for encouragement from other sources to help you on your way and getting all the details together for your next step. On the 13th, you will want to turn all your promises into reality. (Take the leap)!          


The moon is in the waxing phase, now is the time to do some heavy wishing to bring all that is positive to the surface. With the moon moving into Taurus, any plans that you started tend to last longer. The bonus of the moon being in this phase is,any plans you do make will be less likely altered by outside influences.  For some that have been on the opposite side and felt scattered and restless, this will end and your thoughts and plans will begin to progress by the end of the month. Keep in mind that this is the week to make your dreams into reality, start planning and preparing.

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