One day a group of kids went out to play and were taking a break on a tree, then one kid went climbing up to the top and got so amazed at what he saw beyond the trees he went to tell the others and lost balance for a few moments, then yelled to them to come see what he had found. Once they saw the castle they all were wandering if any one lived there so they all just went there different ways till unexpectedly they all bumped into each other at the castle so then they all just went up to the door and knocked.When no one answered they were starting to head into the back yard a secret passage opened and they all fell in it.Once they woke up they saw the inside of the castle and dropped there mouths at how beautiful it was then they introduce them selves to a few people and then asked where they could get a tour of the place.One person afford to and the kids were pleased how beautiful and put together the place was.

They asked where they could sleep for the night and then the kid took them to the key department and let them pick out a key and find which room it was then it would be there's.Soon they all found there room and got ready for dinner and then searched the room for something to do in the mean time.They all did find some pens,crayons,and pencils but no paper.At dinner they asked why there was no paper and the kid said absolutely nothing because he wasn't suppose to tell. Soon they found out some facts about the paper issue then was fine with what was there.

They went to sleep and had no dreams that night so when they woke that morning they told each other.That morning they all went out back to see what was back there and was also surprised at what was back there they went wandering around and then found some ponies and got on them and started to ride them and then they flew into the air. They had so much fun when they landed they wanted to fly again but they went inside and decided to pack up and move along some were else and rode on the ponies to a new place were they could also have more adventures at.


By:Jasmine Marie Paterson

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