The Key To Achieving Freedom and A Fair Societal Structure

People have chosen to deny their power and blame others for their problems for millennia, and so they have become less and less free. The victim mentality has manifested as a system of victimization and control. At any time people could choose not to participate in the system and create a new one or change their current one, but they do neither, as a general rule.

They have chosen not to accept personal responsibility, which is why many don't want to believe in God or Karma (you reap what you sew), and allow the government to regulate them instead just as the Jews chose to have kings rather than work as a family/cooperative society. Instead of trade, they have also chosen to try to make a profit and take on a competitive commercial model, working to hoard money instead of growing a healthy and balanced society.

The Republic of the United States has begun, but it seems to be run by religious racists, and if that does not change it too shall fail. You can not build a society and societal system of freedom while at the same time deny others the freedom to believe and do that which does not cause harm, try to tell others what they should believe. This is the mistake that was made from the beginning which has lead to the downfall of America.

People are afraid of the truth, they don't want to believe that the world has become as corrupt as it is, and so many are still hiding their heads in the sand instead of facing the issue and finding solutions. Between hiding their heads and playing victim, the majority of humanity is unwilling to take responsibility and therefore power upon themselves. This would require them to question what they have chosen to believe and how to live, and admit that most of it is a lie, and most people are unwilling to do so. As long as they choose ego over truth, they have no power and will fall.

The only hope we have is for people to choose power and responsibility. They can't choose one or the other, though they would like to think so, because they are two sides of the same coin.

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Comment by Rachel on May 12, 2011 at 4:39am

I totally agree, it has not just plagued the american nation but the world.  It is not the truth one fears, it is the lie that is lived that instills fear. 


Comment by Christopher Allen Moeller on May 12, 2011 at 3:04pm

Absolutely Rachel. Thank you for sharing.


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