This is the card that came up at Teresa's reading yesterday. She performs tarot for me every month to help me to create a positive successful future. Oh how I love her readings. I tell you this girl read me in a situation that was almost impossible. And she made me feel so loved and worthy in a time that was so much darkness.


So basically the instruction for this month was to return to myself and show as much love to myself as I have been capable to give to others around me. And even though I took 4 days of me time last month. I am realizing that I need more me time. Well, any way the reading reminded me of a blog that Danielle sent out. About the old Crone. How the Old Crone is behind the Hermit. That the Hermit has to return back to her after he returns back to himself. It is amazing at how many people have great personalities of our powerful "Mother". And it has been such a joy to experience this time discussing wonderful things and learning so much diversity of gifts that other people have on this site. You are all so beautiful. Strong, powerful, full of wisdom and understanding.


So I will be out in my magic forest for a while replenishing all the energy that all of the last classes that I took drained from me. The writing of my book. And just the regular school year energy that drains you from having children. Lets see what the powers that be do in this time. And by the way, Karen!!! I have been continuing that wonderful grounding meditation that you shared. May all be well with all of you!!!!


Love you all so much, Sherri Lanham

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