It was in 2006 I was an English teacher in one of the Maldivian islands called Faaf Nilandhoo.

A muslim friend offered his cottage for such a cheap rent ,My colleagues tried to discourage me from renting that cottage as they believed that it is haunted,I never cared.

In the night I hear footsteps and opened the door and there stood a small boy with luminous eyes he was so dark and when I looked at him all the lights went off .I thought some one was playing a prank and tried to chase him but he disappeared.

Next day on wards I began to hear all sort of voices and it was like some one got inside my head and constantly chanting that I should leave the place.In the night the doors were blocked with trees and plants from the nearby areas and every morning I had to call the servants to clean up the mess.I started chanting the manthras from Bhagwad Gita and every thing stopped Later I took a transfer and relocated.

Later it turned out that in olden days lot of hindu priests were beheaded by the muslims and a temple was buried in the same place.

I got interested in spirits and read a lot of books and sometimes I started using the oijo board.

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