You know that 'inbetween time' when you are neither completely awake or completely asleep? Those inbetween times are when the best stuff happens! This morning, as I was in that 'place' I had a thought. First, imagine with me (okay, so it Does look like I'm going to have to talk about that word, 'imagine'--so later, 'k?)--imagine with me a picture on the right of a big white chicken. On the left, another picture of eggs for breakfast...doesn't matter if they're scrambled, poached or made into an omelette. *grin* Now tell me...what do these two things have in common?

They came from the same source--an uncracked egg. One grew to become a chicken that would possibly create more eggs every day--or even become dinner instead of breakfast on your plate. The other, well, that goes without saying. For one it was a lifetime commitment, to the other, a life commitment, I guess you could say. They both gave their lifeforce in service, one way or the other.

But that makes me think...and no, that's not the only thing that can make me think!--how am I--or You and I, for that matter--living our lives? Are we settling for quick and 'over easy' or are we in it for the long haul? And no, I don't mean sitting around 'waiting for the chickens to come home to roost." *grin* I'm hoping we are doing good and don't need to have that happen! Are we willing to give of our life force/energy on a daily basis, bringing forth new life in one form or another?

I know this analogy breaks down along the way, but it did make me think, nonetheless. We all come from the same Source, just like breakfast and the chicken. What we do with our lives reveals a great deal about us. One is not necessarily better than the other in the egg and chicken 'debate', I know, though allowed to 'grow', the original 'egg' becomes something much larger with the capacity to nourish more than one soul at a time. I see that happening in my own life by being part of GP. I am grateful for the opportunity and hope I bring forth life. It is, after all, the meaning of my middle name, so I better, huh? *wink*

Okay, one last little tidbit on the word 'imagine'. Imagine comes from the same word as 'image'. Kind of a no-brainer, that, huh? But what we do when we imagine is Create an Image in our mind, right? But what I also find fascinating about image and imagine is the Latin word they both come from 'imago' which is related to the Latin 'imitari' from which we get 'imitate'. This really could become its own blog, so I guess I'll leave you with that and tomorrow, maybe, unless I come to that inbetween time with a new insight, I will share more on these words and their relationship to us, who we are, and what we do.

Till then,
I Am
Teresa ;o)

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Comment by Danielle Daoust on September 21, 2009 at 4:47pm
We want to trust that when we imagine, our imagination knows what its doing! Accessing your imagination is a way of tapping into your soul... and your subconscios... great piece, Teresa, Lotsa LLLove, D
Comment by Teresa Crane on September 21, 2009 at 5:24pm
Thanks, Danielle. Yes, trust is a big issue in all things, isn't it? Our imagination may go wild, but if we listen to our hearts at the same time, then we are, as you say, tapping into our own soul and subconscious and finding what it is we really, truly desire. If we can image/imagine it, it is real.

How do I know this, someone may ask? Well, for those who read the bible there is a scripture (Hebrews 11:1--interesting #, huh?) that says, "Now faith is the substance [assurance!] of things hoped for, the evidence! [a conviction--con=with, viction=victory!!!] of things not seen." Also, in 2 Corinthians 4:18 (good #s as well--but I'll refrain from going there) it says, "While we look not at things which are seen, BUT AT THE THINGS WHICH ARE NOT SEEN; for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not see are ETERNAL." Then in chapter 5, verse 7, "For we walk by faith, not by sight." Sight! We have what we 'see'!

I could go into a whole long dissertation on faith, which only means 'belief'. It is the faith, the belief that something IS. If I have faith in a chair being for me to sit on, then I believe I can. But I PROVE that belief by sitting on the chair! So, 'faith is the EVIDENCE of what is NOT seen. It is my belief (sorry, that's the only word I could think of there) ;o) that the things not 'seen' are just not 'seen' with the physical eye. It doesn't mean you can't see them Somewhere.

If you close your eyes and imagine (ah yes, there it is again!) you are in a meadow, enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful flowers, is this thought in your head? Hmm? No! If I asked you to point at where you are in this imagined scene, you would point Outside yourself, because that is where you see yourself...and I believe that is where the reality is. We aren't making things up in our head. We are 'seeing' with eyes of the spirit and bringing forth that which ALREADY IS by knowing a thing is already so, we are just waiting for it to appear in this physical reality/realm. It is the 'assurance' of things hoped for. How can you be assured of something you don't know is true? You can't? You can only be assured of what you know IS. The word 'substance' is used in that scripture, meaning the same as assurance. Substance is a real thing, is it not? I mean real in the sense it is tangible. We can see substance. We have 'substantial' evidence of its reality. So, if faith/belief is the substance and assurance of things we hope for, then our hope isn't what is making it happen, is it? We are only waiting for the substance to materialize as we have seen it in our imagination, 'out there'. We aren't really making it up. We are KNOWING. We are looking at the things that are NOT SEEN in the physical, we are using 'other eyes', eyes that see what others may not see, eyes that perceive the 'real' reality, the true truth of things.

So let your imagination have free reign! Close your eyes and see with your third eye! ;o) What do you see? What you see is just as real as anything you see with your eyes open. Your brain doesn't really know the difference. So don't let yourself talk yourself out of what you imagine to be true. For there is also a scripture in Ephesians that says, 'He' (god, the universe, Source, The One, whatever) is able to do EXCEEDINGLY! ABUNDANTLY! ABOVE! all you can ask or even imagine According to the Power that is at work WITHIN US!" Those three descriptive words could be left out and you could read that...'able to do all you ask...', but those three words are powerful and all mean the same thing, so it is a threefold three, three to the third -- three the completion of all things, the return to One --so it is REALLY a powerful thing when we add our power to 'see' to the power of creation, because we are saying we accept what is already there and has been prepared for us if we will just 'sit in that chair and receive!' ;o) We already have the conviction/victory. We are just waiting for the essence to materialize. ;o)

So, did I succeed in making that as clear as mud? ;o)


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