Oh yes, it is so good to feel those words come into a reality. One of my students has just entered into the realm of learning to transcend his belief system into productive positive energy. As I have been teaching him 2nd heaven level meditations he has grasped the eternal truth that all things were created good and all things will be made beautiful in their time.


Ok so I wanted to boast about him because it has been hard work. Hard work on every single angle. Changing our belief systems is a self commitment that we must all make. Belief systems are fragile, like a china glass on a china cabinet. One false move and the whole thing can shatter. And there is so much fear, anger, and hatred in the world that is just seeking to shatter our belief systems. Much of what we believe is based on a truth and a love premise. However, we go through our life listening to a lot of things that cause us to doubt the most noble beliefs that we hold dear.


This man, my student, is a hard working man. He believes in trying to do good things to make differences. He believes in loving traditions that he grew up with in his European heritage. He loves stories about valor and defending the weak like the knights in shining armor. He hopes to learn the way of the Scandinavian Bards (nature wizards) in his culture. But what was coming against him was self doubt. Criticizing his faults for things and endeavors that were not turning out the way that he wished for them to turn out to become. He could not see how his good deeds were really making differences in his life or other peoples lives.


On one hand, his greatest fear was discovering that maybe the critical self image of himself was true. On the other hand he was afraid that it was impossible to express these noble ideas he had about life effectively. Once that we find that misinformation upon a subject has caused us to have an error in what we believe we attack our own selves. The 2nd heaven level meditations help us to discover what it is that we believe and what it is that we did not understand that subverted our own success. Challenging but all beneficial in the outcomes of our endeavors.


So any way, I have another student lined up who is very interested in discovering how to overcome all of her self fears and doubts. May there be another success that comes up on the way to self discovery and the most positive successful outcomes.


Mostly, I wanted to thank every one of you who has added the most successful positive ideas into my own belief systems. All of your encouragement and even your criticisms have helped so much in making this endeavor of diversifying my understanding to the most productive to all cultures around me. Thank you all so much. And thank you for letting me boast about the success of a wonderful man who has so much to offer to this transition into the next Age of Enlightenment that we are on the brink of upholding into reality!!!!



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