Today I was visited by a "spirit" I was sitting on the sofa with one of the three dogs in my lap. Suddenly the older  dog stood up on the sofa and began to move his head from left to right in a line. He was watching something. I felt a cold chill pass through me, and it is doing this right now as I type. I am not so comfortable right now. I do not fear, nor am I comfortable. i do not know who it is. I am wondering who it might be.Any way he stood up on the sofa and began to bark in a frantic manner.


I have not slept since yesterday.  it is 4:55 AM and I can not sleep. I only feel the cold. i wonder if it will talk with me or what could this be about. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening now.

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Comment by Sherri Lanham on March 29, 2011 at 10:39pm

Hi, Jasmine.


I have thought about this today. It is great evidence that dogs and animals are capable of seeing spirits with their physical eyes. However, we as humans have to be able to open up our third eye in order to comprehend anything about them. I am getting a gut feeling here that by practicing your skills you are opening up a sense of hospitality to the spirits to come visit you. I think that they want you to discern them by opening up your skills of intuition in order to gain better understanding as to the purpose of what they are trying to communicate to you. This is just a gut feeling that I am getting and I am waiting to hear more about what you discover if you do. Sometimes they are just passing through. But even when they are passing through they will let you know they are there so that you can get an understanding of them.


Sherri Lanham


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