Some call it the gift of "Discerning Spirits"

Well, I have just shared 3 major parts of my personality and character. The one who is really nerdy and reading books all the time to gain knowledge for the psychic and metaphysical realms. The one who is out problem solving the city problems and helping people who go through city plights. And the natural one who is out making coexistence possible with the natural forces.


Some people call it discerning spirits. Knowing what kind of metaphysical creature we are dealing with when the spirits reveal themselves. Certainly there are many people on this website who has experienced just as much and even more than I have in the metaphysical realm. That is why I listen to as many people around me in an experience to find out what exactly is going on. That is why I try to educate myself by gaining the knowledge of really smart people. But what I have found is that when I am reading a book, I am dealing with someone who is gifted in oral communications of a subject.


The most important peice of evidence sometimes lies within the mystery of those who have a little bit of trouble communicating what they are experiencing. My husband feels more dread when he is experiencing the shaman spirits that like to come to my house and reveal the "troubles" that they are concerned with. So I will ask him many questions on what he is feeling or understanding. Most of the time he experiences the feeling of just wanting to run away and get out. But I listen more indepthly to why he is experiencing this feeling because it is the key to what the trouble is to begin with. I also try to give him instruction on how to find that balance inside of himself to deal with the urges to run and hide. But I understand and allow him to run out the door when things happen. My grandfather was the same way, "Why do they have to come see us?" He would always ask.


My oldest daughter does not get afraid. She is the only one who never gets afraid when the shaman visit. She listens to what nature says around her instead of listening to the actual spirits involved. So she gives me great insight as to what is going on as well. She just says, "Well it is easy. You don't listen to the spirits you listen to the nature." That's easy for her to say and do. She is just special that way.


Shaman are not "gods". They don't want to be treated like "gods". They really don't want people to do just what they say to do. They are not looking for obedience to their wishes. They are just looking for people to be thoughtful and caring for what is going on around them. Learning to experience them before they get upset is just by learning to be thoughtful about the creatures around us. The more thoughtful people become to other creatures and life forms, especially those in nature, the less they will appear and cause fear. So when they finally reveal themselves I understand first that maybe thoughtless actions are taking place. That is the very first discernment of shaman spirits. The first thing I do is stop and think about what is going on around me. It all reminds me of when my sons were younger and they took sticks to hit trees. I taught them that they should never do that, even if sticks don't really hurt trees. When they got older, they were taught how to use the tree resources repectfully and responsibly.

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