Yes, I am a slacker. I haven't kept up with my "100 Days Till 2010" blogging. So I guess, instead of blogging, I need a flogging. Ah, well...

Here's the deal...I have felt (if not 'been') overwhelmed. I get WAY too much email, ya know? But right now it is quiet on the WWW and so I am thinking I need to catch up. But no, I am NOT going to write a blog for every day I missed. I'm just not up to it.

I would like to comment on a book I mentioned a while back. I haven't even had time to read it until I picked it back up this weekend. Seriously, all the email has kept me from writing my novels AND reading like I normally do. I read well over 100 books a year. The past month or so has slowed me down, I'm telling you!

The Pagan Christ, by Tom Harpur is definitely thought-provoking. I may have mentioned that it might, at the very least, give me a new spin on my old faith. Apparently it is time for that. I have been a bit of a basher of my old 'ways' and so it is probably good to have a new way of seeing the 'old things.' In fact, you might even say that my old faith (which is actually fairly new on the 'religious' stage) was really nothing more than a new way of telling a very ancient story. That isn't necessarily a surprise to me, but viewing it that way and not as the 'final fulfillment' of all the ancient stories certainly is. Rather refreshing, actually.

I love things that not only make me think, but are a springboard for all kinds of thoughts. I like having my thought-processes challenged and getting ideas. *grin* It's fun for me. That's how I ended up 'here.' It was the next step in my evolution. And in reality, it was an end that became like an ourobus (did I spell that correctly?), in that I re-embraced my own old way of thinking and seeing things. Things I had rejected long ago for various reasons. And now I am more whole.

So, hopefully, reading this book will bring me even more 'full circle' as I embrace all that I ever thought, but in new, more enlightened terms. I think I'll go pick up the book right now, in fact! It's time to discover more things that are the same as they always were and just got misinterpreted (on purpose?) and repeated as True Truth when their essence was more the Truth than anything else.


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