Twenty one years ago six girls were abducted from their schools in South Africa. the abductions took place over a period of a few months. They are Odette Boucher (12), Tracy-Lee Scott-Crossley (13) Fiona Harvey (11), Joan Horn (13), Anne-Marie Wapenaar (12) and Yolanda Wessels (12).The seventh girls got away. they were abducted by Gert van Rooyen and Joey Haarhof. When caught in action with the seventh girls by our police Gert shot Joey and then himself and therefore the other six girls could not be found. I am not a psychic and spoke to Marietta Theunissen the leading psychic in South Africa. She says that she believes one of the girls are still alive and she showed the police where to find the remains of the girls in Pretoria, South Africa but nothing was found. Marietta became very ill during her investigation two years ago and told me that it was Gert van Rooyen who caused her and the investigating officers illness. She says gert is very active on earth and that she does not want to touch the case again.

I am not family of these girls and I have never met any of their family but for all these years this case has hunted me and I have to do something about it. i am an ex police officer and need the help of thepsychics out there that is willing to help. My e-mail is and my number is +27835864498. Let us form a group and solve this unthinkable crime. PLEASE HELP WE ALL KNOW IT CAN BE DONE.

Love of light

Please look on Google for "Six missing girls from South Africa" and get more info.

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