Sherri, do you have political or religious agendas?

Well, I sat and looked at this question and even right now I still have tears running down my eyes.


The answer is no....absolutely not. My interest in researching any spiritual book I have ever read has never been to promote religion or politics.


So why do I cry when I have this very honest and forthright question makes it's appearance in my life. Fundamentally this is the obvious reason why most people even speak upon subjects. Look we all have reasons for what we do.


People need to know what the heck is going on around them. So I decided to answer this question in public. First of all, my ancestory is from the Kiowa-Apache tribe. So therefore anybody who understands that heritage could understand why I don't get involved with any kind of political or religious agendas or groups. It was just two years ago that I found out how the heritage is spoken about in history books, sociological researches, and even in the mainstream thought processes of other tribes. Last weekend my daughter was told by another American-Indian that her tribe was considered bad blood. I mean the very name of the tribe means "enemy" to other people. And we have a proud history of all these terrible things said about in history books so that we can live up to this wonderful name, "enemy". But in our tribe the name means The True People. Or in other words a better interpretation. Those who honor truth. Lies are something that get scared out of us at a young age. Because the greatest honor is to be truthful and sincere. The shaman spirits fly into our faces to rid us of lies.


I showed my daughter the example of my grandmother standing proud, showing courage, and great compassion for people. I restored her right away from the mean things that were said. I just said, Well if it is true, than why does our family do the opposite of what was just said to you? No for me these things are bad mirrors. So I will not be a part of bad mirrors that make other people look bad.


I promote things that make people look good. I am only interested in things that work. I am not interested in things that don't work. (And it is very interesting how many books are written upon subjects of things that really don't work and how much money gets spent to learn these things). I was very fortunate as a child because the tribal laws allowed me to sit in the tribal circles listening to those gifts that are taught to the tribe. I was able to do that because in the tribal laws my grandmother was allowed to teach me. So as long as I sat with her, I was allowed. Then I went home to my suburban home and found myself.


Every day I choose the most peaceful and loving paths. Every day I make a peace treaty with powers and principalities around me. Every day I face the world with courage having to overcome bad mirrors. Sometimes life is not fair. Sometimes we get the priviledge to have a greater understanding. I had to learn to be capable of holding things sacred and keeping them to myself. I share with those who are worthy to share with. This gives me a greater understanding because I have had to go to other peoples gardens and learn other peoples ways. But my own I hold dear as a great treasure. You can't go to college to understand my culture and my ancestory. For one thing there is not a great line up of people who want to ever know the beauty of the teachings. And not only that, but most of the books even written on the subjects come from people who are judging rather than wanting to learn.


You see I ended up with the best of the best. That is why I can go to the powers and principalities and say. I teach this because you enforced it to be taught. Even if I went to school to study my own culture I would be doing research on other people's religion and political ideas that have nothing to do with anything that I was ever taught in real life from the very people who teach it. (There has been so much assumption about political ideas that my tribe does not even uphold). In my mind we are all a part of a woven thread of fabric and each person has something valuable to add to that woven thread. Sometimes life is unfair because the ways don't have anything to do with promoting political or religious agendas that people are trying to implace into society.


A few months ago, I became ready to share a powerful magic of fire taming. Which by the way, the gift is very rare. So I invited some people to my house and nobody showed up. It discouraged my family because they were looking forward to sharing something very rare and a great treasure. They also decided not to learn because they thought that maybe people decided not to show up because people thought it was a bad thing to learn. So I restored it by writing it in my diary that I am giving to my children after I die. That one day they will be proud of who they are and not so easily persuaded by the fears of other people who want me to open my mind to their ideas and continue to close their mind to any of mine. I am used to being by myself and I love myself. So I am OK, even if other people don't "get it". I mean you never know. The next generation may decide that this powerful magic was misunderstood and a space can be created for it. I mean it was passed down to me so that I could treasure it and teach other people. Maybe by passing it down to them..... the extinction of great things won't pass before it is to late. Look in my mind the people who did not show up missed out on a wonderful ecstatic experience. It was their loss and not mine.

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