So many people want to know why I have all of these spirits around me all the time. The truth of the matter is that if I was living on the Reservation I would not have all of these spiritual experiences. Living in the part of the country where nature gets destroyed for the good of industry, city life, the shaman appear many times to try to warn people of the rich natural ways. For instance, if an underground water supply gets depleted, the shaman will appear to try to teach people to do something different. So I live in the city and in the city there are alot of construction sites. Many people don't concern themselves with the precious treasures of the natural resources when these things are taking place. These spirits come to me and reveal their wishes for protection. Sometimes I can do something. Sometimes I can't. But I always try so that these spirits don't think that I don't care. Because I do care very much. I am just willing to listen and rally people up to do something to help.


Right now I am helping my magical forest. It is called "Slaughter House Gulch" because a slaughter house used to be on the site. Well the slaughter house is now gone and the earth is healing itself from all of the blood from the cattle that were slaughtered there. So I have been out there doing the magic that I learned. There are bull dozers that the city sends in every once in a while. Right now they are tearing down trees and clearing out silt from the water supply. I have tried to talk to these people. I had a neighbor tell me that there was a man over across the way that cared about the trees and sat on the city counsel. I talked to him and he told me that he did not care if they ripped out the willows because the willows would take over. He was only concerned about the oaks.


So anyway, it is just me and my family going out and doing tobacco rituals in the places where the bull dozers shake the earth causing the trees to wilt. We are also doing tobacco rituatls in the places of the dead trees and the cattle burial places. The shaman spirits come to me and help me because I end up being all by myself in these places. They are kind to me and protect me when people find the bad karma coming back to them for the blindness of their hearts. Any way I will be uploading the pictures that I am taking of what we have done to restore the place. My friend Ann noticed the difference after I moved in. She has invited me to be a part of Cheyenne shaman lessons with her spirit guide. I am excited to have found a teacher even if it is not from my own tribe I suddenly feel less lonely.


Let the willows take over and make this forest beautiful and healed!!!!!


These are the things that are the closest to my heart. So even after all of that hard work in college, I would much rather be helping out this forest than selling my book. Just call me crazy!!!!!


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