I was asked to expound on what I said earlier about Shaman spirits. Those spirits, at least from what my grandmother taught me are very ancient spirits. They are primordial ancestors to the idigenous tribes of North America. I am not for sure what kind of spirits they are for other tribes in other lands. And at least from what my grandmother told me the ones that I deal with are ancient ancestors from her tribe. They are very wise and willing to teach many great things. But at the same time they can be very fierce if not handled correctly. Mostly in this modern culture we hear about them revealing themselves to people when a sacred burial ground or hunting ground is getting tampered with. They will also get upset when nature is being harmed in a terrible destructive way. Unfortunately they get completely ignored until something happens that upsets them.


Right before the terrible oil problem in the gulf, I had six shaman swoop into my house. Suddenly I could here the water from the faucet screaming. I could feel the pain from the waters. The message that they gave me was that the waters were about to be polluted and many creatures were going to die. So I e-mailed everybody that I knew. I felt hysterical and almost maddened by the terrible news that I had heard. So my family all got to together and we started doing cedar cleansings of the water supplies near our houses. (A ritual utilized to purify the waters). We had no idea how much of the water was going to be polluted so we had to do what it took to keep our own surroundings safe. I called my family and told them to get bottled water. That was what I was instructed to do. Well, it just so happened that my Grandmother and my Aunt and Uncle live just off the coast of Florida. In a few days, the catastrophe happened. My family called me from Florida and said, Don't worry we followed your advice and got plenty of drinking water. We even have enough for our neighbors. We have no idea how much of our drinking water is going to get poisoned.


So we prayed and channeled energy to the waters and to the creatures with as much energy as we could give while politics and corporations took over the terrible plight. It was agonizing watching these people who had technology suddenly realize that they did not know what to do or if they were even willing to do anything. The whole thing almost sealed me into a tomb of terrible anger. But with the help of my community I was able to continue to give the love and positive energy. I continued to help with every penny I could spare toward the disaster.


Teresa and I went out and did a special drum, chant, prayer. Red spiders crawled all over me. So I looked up the significance. An old Blackfoot legend tells us that red spiders crawl down from the Aurora Borealis and heal the earth and the seas. So we were very proud to be a part of the Cosmic communication that was taking place in the realms of light.


So my family and I got together and wanted to know how the shaman had known that this was going to happen. We found a prophesy of the event. The prophesy had been recited for almost 200 years. The shaman had come to tell us the time so that we who had hearts to see could save as many creatures and life as we could at the hand of destructive forces.


People should not wait for the shaman to come to them at the time of their fierceness. They should learn the ways of these spirits before that happens. Unfortunately people are not ready to deal with these spirits at the time of calamity. And no one should deal with these spirits on their own. They need to find teachers. There are many tribal elders who can help people to learn. They can be very tricky to understand without proper guidance. There is no book that can teach you this. It is all done through oral tradition passed down from the elders. I am not an elder. I only do what others who are elders teach me. I only tell people what I have been told.

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