Remembering something of your past lives is easier and more common than we might think. Old soul memories will trigger reactions in present time… past life experiences can explain a lot about what is happening in our lives, like why certain relationship are especially easy or difficult or why we react to certain sounds or smells or locations. As more and more of us open to the idea of rencarnation, certain questions commonly come up. Here are some answers to questions you have probably wondered about.
When we die, do we find out about our previous lives?

As we need to… and in time… in other words, I don’t think that once we cross over we suddenly know everything about who we have been, as if all our past lives play out before us. My sense is that in the process of evaluating our previous life and later making plans for the next, we may access the Akashic Records to see old patterns and gain some understanding about our choices.


How do we find out about our previous lives?

Pay attention to any dreams that appear to be set in a different period, notice what periods in history you are drawn to – or raise some anxiety, resistance or avoidance in you. Ask your guides to show you any past lives that are relevant to you and then pay attention to your dreams and meditations. If you flash on an image that appears to come from some other time, follow the thread, notice what is going on around you, what you and others are wearing… allow your imagination to kind of "move along" with the image, see where it is going, what happens next.

You can also get a past life reading in which a medium can connect with your past lives, or you can do a past life regression (which requires some special preparation and is best conducted by someone experienced with this work.)

In our afterlife do we come back to live in the same country?

No hard and fast rules apply. We often travel in soul groups, and will choose our genetics, our parents for a reason, so we will reincarnate in whatever location makes sense with our purposes for that life, and where we can find the support of familiar souls… I know I have lived in China, Russia, Europe, Egypt and many parts of North America…. but I don’t think I have had many incarnations in the Southern Hemisphere…. and I have moved around in many lifetimes, including this.

Are we the same sexual gender?

Some say yes, some say no. I believe we can change genders as we need to to learn the lessons we choose… I am sure I have been a male in many lifetimes…. interesting that years ago a very chauvinistic male colleague and I worked on a quite important project that proved to be very successful, despite the fact that he initially seriously resisted my having been appointed the project leader… during our wrap session, a question kind of "busted out" of him, "Danielle, how can you stand having a man’s mind in a woman’s body?" The answer was easy – because I have been a man…

Do we physically look the same or think the same as our previous life?

I believe the eyes stay the same in the sense that the eyes are the window to the soul… I recognized my parents when they appeared in past lives by their eyes… And we may hold onto certain features as preferences – for example, I think I have probably had a good head of hair in most lifetimes. But in this life I am petite, under 5 ft tall, fine-boned, brown-now-white-haired… in my last lifetime, I saw myself as a male, close to 6 ft tall, probably black-haired, definitely muscular, strong, a much stockier frame… when I saw myself as an old man in China, I was bony, much smaller, white-bearded and when I saw myself as a drover n the prairies, I was tall, wiry but well-muscled, leather-skinned. As a woman on the farm, I saw myself as plump, robust, rosy cheeked… physical appearances change as fits our purposes for a given lifetime.

However, attitudes and beliefs, even knowledge and skills can follow us into next lifetimes… for example, writing has been easy and interesting for me ever since I was a young girl… and it seems I have been a scribe in more than one lifetime… In readings for clients I have noticed patterns of behaviour repeated in lifetime after lifetime which must come from our carrying forward soul issues from one lifetime to the next. Some relationships are chronically difficult through many lifetimes… in a recent reading for a client in which she was inquiring about a woman’s interference in her relationship, I saw that this other woman had been trying off and on to break them up or get between them for hundreds of years…. as if she were a kind of "shadow" personality in their relationship.. What puzzled me is that in all these years she had never succeeded in getting his attention for more than a few months at a time, yet this woman continued to chase him life after life…

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