I just received some e-mails that people are reading the books. They are great books. I am a wonderful story teller. So maybe you might be let down a little by the Secrets of Enoch. I recite words from the book. Add some understanding from what the Ancient forms of the Hebrew translations would reveal. And then I recite my own comprehension and experiences that I think about as the words digest. It almost could be like the young man in the "Princess Bride". His dad told the story to him in a greatly exciting way. Then when he read the actual words he found them boring. So he rewrote and abridged version of the book just so that people could enjoy the way his father told the story. Honestly, it really is a hard task to translate the words over into English. So I applaud every effort and attempt in doing that.


Any way some of the connections that I made was to help jump into the Keys to Enoch. However it is greatly surprising that there are not as many people who have read that book. It is an incredibly transient and diverse peice of literature about spiritual and psychic matters. So I apologize if you had not read that book and I was sounding like some kind of strange person in my blogs to you. As soon as you read it though you will understand some of the stuff that I was talking about. Now that book is so interesting and full of knowledge I am sure that you will not need someone to bring out the "good and exciting" parts. The author J.J. Hurtak did a wonderful job of translating about 6000 years of information from these scrolls into an incredibly modern and powerful peice. I just applaud all of the efforts that he put into the work.


Have fun exploring light energy and all of the creative ways that we can utilize it in our gifts.

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