Raving about Karen's grounding and protecting meditation

I was intrigued right away with Karens words. I could just feel the love and the warmth when I read the steps to this meditation that she shared!!!


So this morning I tried it. Everybody in my house was still asleep so I had some alone time for a little while.


You know I have to say I really did feel grounded. I could just feel love energy all over me and through me. So close to our great Mother and life itself. I mean it was just like a shield all around me. I felt that it was the sips of water that I took that made the energy just remain inside of me and evelope me.


When I am at work I deal with a lot of angry and hostile people. Oh let me tell you, I have to tell them their cars failed for an emission inspection and they just feel like it is the end of the world. But today, as I was passing out the tests, every single person I dealt with seemed like they could just feel that powerful feeling of love around me. They listened patiently while explained the hard road they were going to have to take. And each person said that they were looking forward to coming back for another test!!!! Amazing. I have never had a day like that before.


So Karen, I would like to ask you a question. If you were in a forest, what would your natural comfort zone be?


My daughter asked me to ask you that question because she was inspired by the meditation experience when I told her.

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