One of the aspects of life that I am always fond of is the natural elemental beauty of the earth that we live on. So as I spent my time exploring the thought processes that people discovered through metaphysical, spiritual, soul searching. I came upon the ideas of the way that colors influence us. But not only the influence upon the psychology of our mind, but also in the ways of being able to discern the essence of energy.


When I discovered that a great deal of light that we cannot see with our natural eyes fractured through the crystalline substance of clouds I began to meditate on the energies seen easily and venturing to discover those aspects not clearly seen. I quickly realized that the elements of light fragments not easily seen were just as natural as the colors of the rainbow that could be seen. Not very hard to do in these days and times with all of the scientific light energy that gets researched. Especially in the areas of astronomy. Which just happens to be my absolute very favorite scientific thought process that I just love to study.


While I was growing up I was taught how profoundly meaningful colors were to all of nature and creation. That many animals communicate with certain colors, etc. And the sand paintings. I watched men for hours create detailed sand paintings that were just so divine. Protecting them from the forces of wind, moisture, insects, etc. only to dance upon them afterward. They would scatter all of the colors of the sand back into the wind. My grandmother taught me that it is the way we paint with the colors of the wind. It was an incredible cycle of bringing the colors from the wind into our paintings and then sending them back out into the wind. Capturing a picture of the essence of the beauty and power of nature that we saw for an instant.


Then as I studied Hebrew and Kabbalah I found that there were even more ideas about colors. That every color does indeed have a purpose, power, and significance to everything that comes into contact with the light we perceive in our eyes. Rainbow meditations help me to focus on the idea that I indeed am a creature of light for the fact that I can enjoy all of the colors that the light perceives to my mind.


Any way, my son, told me one day that when he heard a noise that all of the colors of a picture would come to his mind of what had made the noise. So we tested it for some time. It seemed like in the hours of darkness he would have a better solid picture of what created the noise that he heard. Not just the size, weight or general description of what created the noise. Which those of us who have had jobs in investigative careers end up being able to do with practice. But he would be able to tell us if a cat was black or tabby. If the cat was tabby he could give a description of the exact colors. He would be able to tell us if a person was wearing a blue hat or an orange hat. Sounds would not be able to reveal that to a person unless there was a special sight going on within the color spectrum of energy. I guess as we would say on this site, maybe someone who is psychic. Because of this ability, my grandma would call him eagle eye. I personally always felt like it was some kind of bat vision. But I guess the nickname, "batman" has already been given to a comic book character. Which ever way. I thought it would be interesting to mention.

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Comment by Danielle Daoust on April 7, 2011 at 5:34pm
Thanks for an interesting post! Colour has always been a significant part of my life and work...  and I've always had the feeing that this plane is limited, that there are more colours in other dimensions...
Comment by Sherri Lanham on April 10, 2011 at 12:59pm

It is so interesting, Danielle. Isn't it some of the most interesting thinking skills that we are so profoundly blessed with in our lives as humans? I mean it is like the whole color spectrum is exactly how we can universally be connected through cultures. It is like understanding that in the old Apache ways, dark spirits, to them were just spirits that had an absence of light. But then as I read about other peoples cultures, I find that Raphael is considered a green spirit/angel. And then we find out that white light is considered "purity" to most spiritually minded people of today. We are raised as children in an incredible message of light and color. Stop signs are red. Consturction signs are orange. Caution signs are yellow. Every culture significantly pointing to important colors used to communicate ideas without words. Extrememly primordial in essence. But sophisticated to our intellect as we connect our main frame ideas into the spectrum.


In our history, people speculated on light energy that could not be seen with the naked human eye. Now the technology arises some time ago for us to use filters to see that those energies do exist. I think it is interesting that in our psychic world today we are using colors to identify generations of psychic awareness in our children. Such as indigo children. Which, my youngest 3 children fit into the age group. Their brains are different. I can tell them information that took years for me to understand and they just act like they already know it and perceive it without me even telling them. So I try to slow them down to understand a foundation and then let them discover. This whole family here has become a group of experimental psychics that explore the concepts and discover the most productive use of the energies. Wow, they teach me a lot!!!!!


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