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2008 thru 2010 has been/will be the start of a new spiritual era by 2011 thru 2015 this will be the swift kick towards the new beginning everyone is looking for and fearing. Having four out of five of the outermost planets in initiating cardinal signs, with Uranus and Pluto intensifying the culture changes we are all facing and with Neptune in Pisces urging us all into a mystical realm, enhancing our dreams, forcing us all to accept what cannot be seen and finally opening the door back to some belief structure. Now with this said we might all find that our lives have fallen apart in order for us to rebuild from the ground up to sustain us for the new era. Thankfully, with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto pushing us back into action we will rebuild.

So what can we do? How can we make our lives easier now that everything has fallen apart? What belief do I need? I lost my faith! I was Christian and now I just do not know anymore!

Whatever the question you may have there is one simple answer; INTUITION! Learn to use meditation in order to quiet your mind and to listen to yourself. Once you can allow yourself the time needed to connect with your inner you, and then learn to trust yourself again. Then you will know that there is no wrong faith, as long as you believe in something. 

Now what can you do to help your situation? Every day you say, “I am going to win the lottery” but if you do not play it then how would you win it? The thing to everyday practical magic is Intent; this is a powerful tool! If you believe that something will happen then it will! If you think all about the negative in life; then that will come to you! You need to change your method of thinking back to pure positivity. This is a simple form of universal law. The other is the threefold law. This is an action that is caused for good or bad and the effect is upon you three fold.

Ok with that said, here is basic magic,

Sunday – color – gold/orange, Ruled by the Sun. Energies include: Success, Achievement, Authority, and Goals.

Monday – color-silver/white, Ruled by the Moon. Energies include: Inspiration, Intuition, Emotion and Women’s Mysteries.

Tuesday – color-red, Ruled by Mars. Energies include: Passion, Discipline, Athleticism, Bravery and Courage.

Wednesday – color- yellow, Ruled by Mercury. Energies Include: Communication, Travel, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity.

Thursday – color-purple, Ruled by Jupiter. Energies Include: Abundance, Luck, Prosperity, Health, and Leadership.

Friday – color – green, Ruled by Venus. Energies include: Romance, Love, Beauty, Prosperity, Luxury, and Friendship.

Saturday – color-black, Ruled by Saturn. Energies include: Protection, Removing Obstacles, Addressing issues or problems, and “magical cleaning”


Hmmm, Ok, so??? How does this help me? Ok look closely, I mentioned how positive thought produces positive results right? Let’s say that you need a boost in money, you have tried everything to increase your pocket but nothing has worked, so now you will do a simple spell, read the description above carefully once again.

 The best day to do this is on a Thursday, you would want a green candle for money? Purple candle for luck? Black candle for obstacles. Now put it all together, when you light the candle for money (green, purple and black,,) think and say, “let luck come my way, banish all negativity and remove all obstacles in the way, Please grant me prosperity and fortune in its place.” Then after that sit for a while and visualize your pocket/purse growing and your luck turning.

If you can incorporate positive thinking on the correct day along with incorporating this into your daily routine, then all good fortune will come your way. There have been cases though where you may need an actual witch to help you or even cast for you because of the fear factor and not raising your energy high enough to cause the effect, you desire. In general everyday basic workings, anyone can do this. TRUST in yourself.


Please contact me if you have any questions or would like one-on-one counseling on wicca/pagan 101.


Blessed be!


Rev Dr. Jennifer Stevenson

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