Please help me with a dream interpretation??????

Hi and Happy new year has been awhile since I last logged on. 


I had a wonderful and vivid dream of my mother whom is no longer physically here on this earth, she knocked on my front door (it is late morning or early afternoon), I opened it she was smiling she had returned from a holiday, (with her was a man, one that was not familiar to me......i did not see his face, he was not a threat to me, but he was bringing her home to me) in her hand she had a gift for me, it was a medium sized gold cloth see through bag with "strawberry" power, lotion and 2 bath cubes.

I accepted the gift and was also ecstatic to see her, kissing and hugging her not wanting to let go.  She comes in and sits in the lounge (the man bring in her luggage and leaves) which had a big bay window with a picturesque veiw of the ocean, I explain that I need to go and let my sister know that I will not be going on the bus with her and need to see her off, I drive through a tunnel (one I am familiar with) and park get out and let my sis know that I want to stay with mum wave her good bye on a beautiful big white bus (it felt like my sister was going on a trip to better things).


My feelings about this dream where of total happiness and inner peace and harmony, I woke up also feeling wonderful and of course happy, but when I went to interpret through dictionary to my suprise the information was not what I thought it would be, infact it was not nice at all, which does not match with my mother being in my dream and being happy.


Can any one out there help......if it turns out to be what the symbols etc say then i will accept it to be so.


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Comment by Novena on February 9, 2012 at 10:07am

you are going to be bestowed with wealth(gold cloth  )and ("strawberry" power, lotion and 2 bath cubes)good health.seeing off your mother means that you escaped an accident which might have happened but you escaped due to the blessings from her.

The hindus believe that our day is an year for the soul.Make some dishes your mother likes and leave a small portion for her lighted with a candle,Later you throw a way this far portion as the soul would be happy consuming the aroma and scent.

This was a really good dream and nothing to worry about

Comment by Rachel on February 12, 2012 at 5:54pm

Thanks Dileep for your interpretation much apprecited!


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