Open to Receive Get out of the way

Message give for me to share with you on 12/12/10 at 12 noon, alignment meditation.

Receive~ Get out of the way….

To receive it is important to let go of how you will receive. Or how the universe will provide for you.

Create a mind set within self which will let go. Do ceremony of release.

To receive allow yourself to receive. Change your mindset. Know the blessing has already been set and sent. Aligning with this then seeing yourself receiving blessed. Not concerned with the how, why, who’s but with gratitude open receptive allowing to come from deep within oneself.

If you see lack you lack, if you see abundance, abundance abounds.

Let go of the desire to control the abundance. Has your control maybe taken you to the play you are at. Are you doing a good job of controlling the lack or is it time to let the abundance flow free.

As a visual the abundance you seek use this visual. Hold your hand out look at the palm as it faces up. See the solution the abundance the answer resting right there. In your hand

Where you are at is the image you hold in your hand. Change that image change this limitation.

If you see a situation not working it won’t work. If you see things unpaid they are unpaid If you see relationships at peace they will be at peace. As situations arise bring the peace.

How do you speak? What is in your hand. Blessings, respect, life giving abundance.

Let go of expectations how it’s going to happen. See it as happened however, whenever.

Solutions come from the divine source of self.

Speak the truth you believe not the lies of perception. You could be at the brink of victory overcoming these perceptions hold onto the truth “NO MATTER” let go of the control, and open your hand and see the answer right there ready for your use.

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