So this is first of my theorys on how my powers work. I've been noticing that I  start hearing or feeling auras when I'm most relaxed and when I'M off gaurd so I decided to dtart medatating sadly I haven't got arond  to it. I also would like to  do a bit more yoga I started this summer and ever sence school started havn't done any. So in the meen time I'm going to have to find a way to relax my self during school hours and start doing yoga  after scholl and it's not the same thing then in the morning .  I also want to find out about my first life . I think hat I've been having dreams abot it but I'm not really sure my thoery  is that I was a trouble maker and have been abused on verious acasions then I was adopted into a welthy family  almost every night there would be an elegant party  intill one day at eighteen I found my soul mate  and he was  an aboriginal from this country , one day while walking home alone I got attacked by a wild animal and thats how I did. That'S the only theory I got. I want to go see a hysicic to go see if it's true  and find out what kind of phsycic I really am.



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