Well if you guys have noticed, after I finished my doctorate I did not sign on as a doctor of anything. Something inside my bones said that it was just lacking something. So as I researched. I found out that my doctorate, at least according to the ancestroral knowledge of my ancestors was just not enough. My Aunt Jean said, In our family our bones are strong. So I am trusting in my bones. I researched. Oh my goodness there is so much to learn more than my doctorate could give me. Sorry guys. I have so much more to learn.

So as I have been telling even my closest friends, I am trying so hard to have the access of the wisdom of my ancestors. They had so much more wisdom them I have. I am going to learn more. Learn more about this psychic world we live in. My daughter, she said, "Ema, you have healed me. You have healed me from things even doctors said they could not heal. I am your support. You can trust me."

I have been working on a very important healing. I had a scientist who was much younger than I, tell me, that he could not know such things. But I am working for it so hard. He would not say for me or against me. But he is working for his doctorate as well.

It had added to my ambition. The knowledge that I need to seek.

The soul searching has been good. I will continue down the path to know my ancestors wisdom. They had good wisdom. Psychic wisdom to know. Psychic wisdom that I long for so much to help answer such questions. It is only a matter of time. I will keep searching for answers.

I know that I have not blogged for a while. But I tell you. The answers are getting closer. No, for this time, even after my doctorate, I shall not call myself a doctor until I finally get to the wisdom of what I know is wisdom.

There are more classes, more understanding, more knowledge that needs to be fundamentally brought into a cohesive diversity of understanding. I say to the spirits and to mankind. Teach me more so that I can understand as much as I need to before my time is through.

My dead grandma wants to play with me. But the sickness in my household is a great responsibility. It will be soon, grandma, I say. I have so much more to heal and then we will play. I promise.

The psychic abilities is so much more than we can do in 3 degrees. I am ready for the challenge. Let it come.

I have had ambition added on to my gumption of the reality of what I needed to do in this life. I mean, well, if I could just get a doctorate...Well at least I could fundamentally teach something worthwile. Yes, I teach what is worthwhile. But....my ancestors are causing a light to shine brighter than even my schooling could give me.

The door has opened again. Thank you my friends for thinking the best. Thank you for sharing.


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