Katharine Hepburn and Spaghetti (aka I Make a Lot of Lucky Guesses)

So I've had a pretty freaky day.

It all started in my Geography class when a guy decided to play 20 Questions with the teacher. She was asked to think of any actor. Before she even answers a question, I think to myself "Katharine Hepburn". That struck me as odd at first because I wasn't really into Katharine Hepburn (I'm more of an Audrey fan) and had only seen her in one film. First question: Male or Female? The answer was female. This didn't freak me out because believe it or not, there are quite a few females in the entertainment industry. Second question: Did they appear in a black and white film? The answer was yes. Did they receive an Academy Award? Yes. Are they still alive? No. It went on awhile when finally the answer came up. "Is it Lauren Bacall?" The teacher said no. The kid asked who it was. The teacher said...wait for it....Katharine Hepburn. Daaaaaaaang.

The second incident happened when I got home. Before I continue, let the record show that I had no clue what we were having to eat. My mom announced that she was making dinner. I immediately envisioned a plate of spaghetti with a slice of garlic bread and lemonade. She called me down for dinner about an hour later. And what was waiting for me on the table? Why, a plate of spaghetti with a slice of garlic bread and lemonade, of course.

Now I'm sitting here. Blogging. Wondering if this is a coincidence. You know, the stuff every teenager has to go through.

I knew I was a little clairvoyant (that's what this is, right? there's so many clairs...) but today it's out of control! Help!

Peace, love, and the useful skill of knowing what's for dinner,

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