Intuition the language of the Soul Otherwise Known As Your Spirit

Intuition otherwise known as the language of the spirit, if you are a empath you know exactly what I mean, and maybe not because you know it from reading or learning about it but because you have the gift of tactic knowing. But for the rest of you how may not know what I am talking about intuition is the way our higher self our spirit body speaks to us. Many times it is known the gut feeling.
When the lines of your intuition are able to communicate easily and freely we are working our spiritual body the way our creator intended it to work. When our physical bodies are healthy we feel in balance and all organs and systems are running the way our creator intended for our physical body to work. And when we can think clearly without getting stuck in situations and we don't have anxiety we are able to logically think out solutions for what ever circumstances come our way, and once again this is how the creator intended it.
Now for what ever reason, we take care of our physical body by going to the doctor when we do not feel well, and hopefully we go to the doctor for our yearly physical these take care of the inside of the physical body. We go to the beauty salon and the gym and even some of us go to the plastic surgeon to take care of the appearance of the physical body. We go to school to educate and expand our mind, we go to the library and read of the computer to read about a specific thing we want to learn about,which also helps our mental mind.
But we absolutely do nothing for our spirit body, We can tell our spirit body is off by our emotions if a person experiences anxiety, depression, fits of anger or rage many times we go to the physical doctor who prescribes us medication, to numb our emotions, we now have no more anxiety but we have no feeling either, which in return is like telling the spirit to shut up. The spirit like anything else in life is only quieted for so long before you have to give it more medicine. The point is not to bash medication, the point is to use the medication is not enough, because medication should not be a forever deal unless it is imperative. When we do the work to heal the spirit body in conjunction with taking care of our physical body, and educating and expanding our minds about our body as a whole, (body,mind and spirit ) we become into full balance which means we become healthy as a whole. Because sickness and disease comes from imbalances and our reactions to those imbalances. So until next time , take a bit more time to care for your spirit body and be true to yourself, love Laura the voice of truth xo

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