Today I guess I'll talk about Intention. We've heard a lot about it in the Law of Attraction stuff. Scientists speculate that just mere intention alone is enough to influence the level of reality we 'participate' in. What this means is, You have Access to Infinite Power! Whoa!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What does 'intention' really mean? What does it look like so I can be sure I am 'using' it?

In the Old Testament/Torah there is the story of Pharoah and the Israelites. Moses told Pharoah to let his people go. But the scripture says Pharoah's heart was hardened. In fact, it says GOD! hardened his heart! What the heck? That doesn't seem right, does it? That sounds like Pharoah was just some puppet, doesn't it?

But what was really going on had to do with Pharoah's 'intention'.

The word picture for 'intention' is 'the lifting of the heel'. What that means, in the case of Pharoah, is that he had already lifted up his heel against them, he had already 'begun to walk' in the direction of destroying the Israelites.

Think about it. When we decide to go in a certain direction, the first thing our body does is 'lift our heel' from the ground. The rest of our foot, and then our body, automatically follows, right?

So, intention is not just making the decision to 'walk', it is the 'lifting of the heel' in the direction we are going to walk. It is putting Action to our thoughts. So the 'hardening of our heart', as with Pharoah, is just the solidifying ouf our intention. It is bringing it into reality. If we do that much, "God"/the Universe/the Source strengthens our resolve, like grabbing hold of our ankle and assuring we have the wherewithal to carry out the 'step' in the direction of our thought.

Now, back to our intention to impact the world in positive ways, whether for ourselves individually or corporately. Did you know a definition of 'intend' is 'expect'? Pretty cool, huh? *smile* It comes from the Latin word that can mean 'to stretch out'. To stretch out our leg to walk, to stretch out our hand to receive, to stretch our imagination? *grin* Archaically it even means 'to set out'. Think about it... something done with intention was done 'by design'. Creation is designed. We become designers of our own destiny by using our intention, lifting our heel and being strengthened in so doing and thereby bringing about something 'new' and wondrous! What I have given my 'at-tention' becomes my 'in-tention' (or vice versa?). To attend to something, which comes from the same root meaning as intend, is to take charge of something. It is a state of readiness. Suddenly I see this picture of the guy at the start of a race. He is in a state of readiness. How do I know? His heel is up, even though he is bent down waiting for the signal. When the shot is fired, that foot with the heel up is the foot he will push off with! Do you see it?! THAT is what we are looking for. THAT is how we are to live. Expectant and ready, moving forward With Intention!

Get set!

See you at the finish line. *wink*

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