I could see the near  futur sadly I can't  I can only hear the the near futur.  Why?  I have no idea, but my theory is because my eye site isn't that strong cause in real life I wear glasses. the only way fo me to see the futur is to have a dream and when I have a vision/dream I have to wait a couple mounth for it to come true. And I'd also like that to feel other poeple feel I woulddn't need to get to know this way I don't have to fel what they feel from a far it's anoing, then again if I could feel evreything that evreyone was feeling all at the same time I probobly be in an aslyim right now. I wonder If I got lazer eye surgey would I get better visions or should I keep practicing and get a an online teacher to help with the problem.  I also want to know i theirs a trick to having more dreams If there is can someone tell me, and I also want a dream dairy to keep trak of my dreams and this way i can know whan there gonna happen in advence.

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Comment by Erica Ann Granados on August 10, 2011 at 7:08pm
I think its different for everyone.For me from the very beginng I could see, hear,think,taste,smell everthing that was going to happen in the future though all of it is only in my point of veiw of world, while I'm  conscious.though I've made connections with dreams but there to cryptic and wierd to figure out or even utter, just practice...Also age, it seems to be  a factor...I'm about to turn fifteen in two days...and ever since I turned 13 I  seemed to go through a psychic puberty as I like to call. Honestly I'm not having the easies time so I don't want to practice...


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