I Resolve, On Making New Year's Resolutions That Stick



New Year's Resolutions can set the course for positive change...

when you're committed... and courageous!


What makes a new year "new? I say it's the opportunity it presents to set a new direction. That's why I've been making resolutions each new year for most of my adult life. I'm big on New Year's resolutions, they help me to stay focused on what's important.... and making them demands that I take a good look at where I am and especially on my spiritual path. Two years ago I decided that it was time to clear the clutter from my life. Last year I resolved to take it a step further and clear up the many years of accounting mess that I inherited from my ex-partner... I am so pleased to report that I met my objective. Achieving my goals was not only tremendously satisfying, but it freed up resources and energy that enabled me to follow through on other plans I had made, like renovating the bathroom. 2010 was a productive year for me, and for the business. Although it may not look like much has changed, we are functioning now on a much more solid - and much clearer - foundation. Issues that have plagued me for almost a decade have now all been settled. 2011 is indeed a "new" year for Global Psychics - we are free now, to set a new direction.


My new-found freedom came from being deeply committed to following through on my resolution to clear the clutter... for many months, it looked like I was just making it worse. The dining room table was covered with a revolving pile of papers until just before Christmas - and being so focused on the accounting also meant that clutter was building up in other parts of the house... But I kept it all moving, and by late fall, the piles were getting smaller, and some had disappeared altogether.... I was determined.... by Christmas, even my office was clean and well-organized, amazing! I was done! The resolution - and the commitment - had paid off.


When the subject of New Year’s resolutions comes up, most folks skitter off on some elusive errand. It is left for the brave of heart to openly affirm that this is the year to quit smoking, lose that extra tonnage, clean out the garage once and for all, or at the very least, to start that new exercise program. But it seems that even the brave-hearted too often give up almost before they've begun.

According to recent statistics, 70% of our New Year’s resolutions have been broken within the first week of the New Year, and by the end of the first month, almost all of them have been forgotten, put away, at least until next year. Based on this fact, only the truly courageous actually commit to their resolutions for making real life changes every year.


New Year's - a time for ritual affirmation


The interesting thing about New Year’s resolutions is that once you’ve had a few successful experiences with them, they become an annual ritual. When you’re on the path to personal power, you tend to seek out those specific moments in time when you can ritualize your goals. New Year’s serves as a kind of benchmark for many people, a time to evaluate past accomplishments and to set new goals for growth and for personal or business achievements. What better time for the spiritually-inclined to belly up to the bar and commit to some "good habits" for the year?

If you’re on the path to personal power, wanting to connect with your soul and the One, you’ll want to count yourself among the truly courageous at this time of year. You’ll want to be clear about your New Year’s Resolutions, write them down and then immediately start taking some affirmative action!


the trick is setting achievable goals, resolutions that come from your heart, expectations you can live with....


One of the tricks to setting New Year’s Resolutions that really work for you is to set goals you can live with. Don’t resolve to quit smoking, give up chocolate cake, or get into a rigorous work-out program unless you’ve already shown some desire - and commitment.


be gentle, give yourself time and support


If there’s something specific that you want to do, then give yourself the time to adjust to your decisions and to plan how you will accomplish it. For example, if you want to quit smoking this year, give yourself the month of January to research some good support programs and aids, then set a schedule for quitting.

New Year’s Day is the right day and Cold Turkey the right way, only for the rare few.... the rest of us need to make our big decisions step by step, an inch at a time, and it doesn’t help if we feel defeated before we begin. So, choose a goal you can live with - and that includes setting the timing and finding the support mechanisms that make it easy to achieve your goals.


keep it to Yourself


I've found that one good strategy for setting New Years' resolutions that stick is to keep them to yourself, a special secret... this seems to add power to your goals.... and it releases some of the pressure so that it is easier to quietly move forward without comment or criticism from friends or family. For example, I set the goal of getting the accounts straight at the beginning of the year... but until June, it didn't look like I had made any progress at all. If I had told the people around me what I was up to, I might have had a lot of explaining to do in the first six months when I was setting myself up and waiting for my friend, Sue, the bookkeeper to get going. Even with goals like losing weight, getting fit, or quitting smoking, goals that really require the support of friends and family to achieve, it is usually best to wait to announce what you're up to until you're on your way and have had some success... By then you really need their support and encouragement and since you've already shown your commitment, they'll be a lot more willing to get behind you.


Reward Yourself


Check in with yourself every week or so - take some time to reflect on your goals for the year and to notice your progress. Congratulate and reward yourself for your good work regularly, even if it’s just with bubble bath or a cookie! Life can be terribly dreary when we are not taking the time to notice our successes, however small. Making, then following through on your New Year’s Resolutions can be a good excuse for cheering yourself up, affirming your commitment to yourself and the good life!



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