i love horses, how ever my girl was born that way and i have no doubt her totem is a horse.
we are waitingfor our horse or rather her horse to find us. i feel it will be soon.
on anther issue i am new at this and i have put this on my comments.
i am a cancer(69) that was also born in 1969.
i am very connected to the saltwater, not really fresh.
last night while i was fishing the water spoke to be and told me a woman was going to be found or die in the water. i saw in my mind a picture of her. this morning the news came on and a woman had drowned not really that far from where i was last night. what am i to do with this information? i was in a strict religion where these sights and things were forbidden. i would stand by the phone before it would ring knowing it was going to be a call. my bio mother also had gifts that she never developed.
what is wanted or expected of me? there is more but i will reserve that for a later time.
i was not shocked by the womans death as i expected it. but the water is what told me. i can not describe how it showed me, how ever it was th water. that is what i dont get. i love the water. i hopeit loves me.
weird huh?

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