It is true that our names are no accident.Just as the planets of the solar system can be used as tools to guide us in life and help us understand ourselves better through the art and science of Astrology, so too can our names be used as tools to bring awareness to our highest potentials through the divine power of numbers. I am not what one would call a master numerologist but I am a fast learner. I learn best through personal experience and today I would like to share some insights I've discovered through my own personal journey and experience with numerology.


It began in late 2003 with a strange dream I had. In this dream I held the winning ticket to a 22 million dollar lottery. HOOO-RAH!  I then phoned the lottery commission (of my dreams) to declare myself the winner of said lottery. The voice on the other end asked me what my name is. I told him "Cindy" MacDonald. At the time, that was the name I used.

"Sorry" he said. "That is the wrong name".


There was a quick click of the phone hanging up and that's is when I woke up.

I wasn't only confused when I woke up, I was 'missed' with a capital "P" I thought; "What do you mean I have the wrong name???!! I'm holding the winning ticket, the WINNING NUMBERS in my hand, but you're not gonna give me my winnings 'cause you don't like my name??!" Go figure! I immediately recognised this dream as being a direct communication from the universe only because on the surface it made absolutely no sense. (I've learned that the universe has quite the sense of humor) I was going to have to dig beyond the surface and take a walk outside the box to figure this one out.


I pondered and analyzed this dream for weeks trying to make some sense of it. It wasn't something I could just let go of. Once I did figure it out, it made so much sense it blew my mind! I worked it out after applying it to numerology.

I was given the name "Lucinda" at birth. This name is somewhat unique as it can be used in three ways. I can use it 'as is', I can use its shortened form 'Lucy', or I can use its generic form 'Cindy'. I've used 'Cindy' for the first 40 years of my life, only using Lucinda where it was required. Numerologically, it made no difference which of those two names I established as my identity in life as they both hold the same number vibration.


L U C I N D A                                           C I N D Y

3 3 3 9 5 4 1                                             3 9 5 4 7

3+3+3+9+5+4+1=28                                 3+9+5+4+7=28

2+8=10/1                                                 2 + 8 = 10/1


When added to the number of my last name 'MacDonald' my life expression number is '5' regardless of which name I used.

The only other alternative name I could have used in life is 'Lucy' but I never used it because I never liked it. I thought about that as I pondered my dream and for the first time in my life, I applied the name "Lucy MacDonald' to numerology. Here Is what I discovered;


L U C Y                  M A C D O N A L D

3 3 3 7                    4 1 3  4  6  5 1  3 4

3+3+3+7=16/7            4+1+3+4+6+5+1+3+4=31/4

      7         +        4  =  11


By changing the use of my name I was able to alter my expression number from a 5 to the master 11. This number falls into harmony with my birthdate number which is 06/03/1964 =29/11

The two added together create the soul's journey number which in this case is '22'.

I've held this 'winning combination' all of my life within the name 'Lucinda', but I couldn't 'cash in' on it because I was using 'Cindy' and not "Lucy'. As the voice in my dream clearly stated; "Sorry, that's the wrong name!"


Some numerologists may argue that doing this would not change anything because an accurate numerology chart is calculated by using the full name at birth including the middle name(s). Because of this life altering experience I have to disagree. I tend to equate the middle name as like a broom. You may have one or more, but if you leave it in the closet and not use it, it will not serve you. You can access it at any time, but using it every day may inhibit you from reaching your highest potential or vice versa. (I never use my middle name) The name you utilize every day in your life is the one which has the most influence. The names/numbers you choose to leave dormant will remain dormant or have very little influence until you activate them.


Since changing the use of my name, every aspect of my life as "Cindy" MacDonald had gradually come to an end including some of my closest relationships. I lost everything, my job, my home, some of my friends and family relationships. I found myself having to start over. I still communicate with my daughters but only minimal. We are at opposite ends of the country. I know that someday we will be re-united. It is only a matter of faith. I feel as if the past several years have been a preparation period of some sort for me. I know something is around the corner. I feel as if I have been given a second chance.






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Comment by Sherri Lanham on September 21, 2011 at 8:58pm
Wow Lucy, that is amazing. Thank you so much. My memory of the numerology teachers that I had in college told me that it is the name you use commonly every day that makes the difference in cosmic vibrations interacting with your life. So you are definately on the right track with understanding that and people who argue really did not get a very good education about the numerology significance. Of course, the classes that I took were Chaldean and Chaldean philosophy is so different than the Western philosophies and teachings. I am rooting on this change healing the things in your life that you are finding the strength to heal. You are always in my positive thought energies from this day forward!!!
Comment by Lucy MacDonald on September 22, 2011 at 12:36am

Thank you for your kind words. Things are becoming more clear to me. I understand much better now why certain things happen. Many of the old patterns I used to repeat have gone completely from my life. The future is looking brighter.


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