I recently had a dream were at first I was at school then I was walking home as usual but the while i was  walking i saw a small puddle and in that small puddle I saw a baby hippo then I patted on it's head and took another root back home on that root was the babys mother  and she was as big as the buildings  so I decide to try and run away  because some how I knew she was going to chase me. AS I was running i fell  and she had bit off  part of my arm one guy told me '' Calm down its not that bad she likes you and its just an arm'' . After I found myself somewhere in  Africa, I was there to visit someone then the same hippo was  chasing me again for the second time in a row I tried running away while I was running I saw a fox and there was no other animal around but it and the hippo. Suddenly I was inside the home of the person I was supposed to meet it was the guy i saw the other day on tv  it was the story and was running outside I opened the door to see what was making the earth shake   and the hippo  was there again before anything could happen I woke up again. the funny part about my dream was it wasn't me that the hippo was chasing  and bit half of his arm it as some random guy who lives in my neighbor hood that I haven't meet yet. 

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