Oh it is my favorite time of year. I just love Halloween because people become more open to dealing with the reality of spirits around them. Mostly just to scare each other, but well, there are those of us psychic that actually perceive these things all year round and finally get to talk about them to other people without being called "crazy".


So here are a couple of spooky stories for you. I guess for most of you, just every day events. But it is fun to talk about.


I have this tree. It is the same tree that I have used for my profile picture. This tree is so special. I have never met a tree that had so much personality and ability to communicate to people before. But this tree just is phenomenal. Last year on Halloween, I tied some ghosts to the branches. The tree would shake it's branches everytime someone would walk under it on Halloween night. The children in the neighborhood thought that I had tied some kind of contraption to it to make the ghosts swing beneath the branches. The branches were making such a racket of noise while they were shaking up and down. I said, No that is just how my tree is....Ooooh spooky spooky. Some people think my tree is haunted. Some people think my tree has a tree spirit. But I know that this tree is just a tree that has this special personality that no other tree has. I keep on telling people. No, it is just the tree. But people get scared....ooooh they get scared.


This year, my neighbors were playing spooky music and had flashing lights going off at their house for a halloween party. The tree in my yard started shaking it's branches like a rattle over our heads. The loud spooky organ music was playing. I cried out for my husband to come out and see what the tree was doing this year. I said, I think this tree likes spooky things. Maybe the tree is shaking the leaves to purify negative energy around us to make sure that no bad spirits come to the house this year. We watched the tree for quite sometime. The party stopped and the tree stopped shaking. Then we went back inside the house.


Oh you would not believe!!!! The fire blazed up really high in a sudden. And a huge black flame appeared on the log. It was covering the orange flames and the red flames and the blue flames. Then it would allow one of the colored flames burst out of it from the middle. So I stared at the fire watching the huge black flame back off and allow the flames to come back out and then literally cover the flames almost as if it swallowed them. So I asked, who are you and what are you doing in my fire? The black flame allowed the fire beneath it to barely surface into a grey. I went into a trance and understood in my dream. But when I awoke, I could not remember. I could only feel peace and a lot of love afterward. I remembered that a part of the message was, Don't be afraid. I remember that part of the message was a great feeling of love. Ooooh spooky spooky again. Other people would have been afraid, but for us who deal with the spirits from the other side all the time, well we know it is just a messanger coming to tell us a message. Today was one of the most positive empowered days I have ever had after all of that spooky spooky activity. The time of season when the veil gets thin to the other side. Oh how exciting and challenging every single time we get the opportunity to connect to the spirits and the mystical energy that surrounds us!!! The veil does not get thin for the spirits, it gets thin for us with so that our minds comprehend!!! I mean isn't all of this a blast and so much fun to get more understanding and practical skills in our abilities and gifts!!



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