Those of us over here who have been fighting a severe illness together have been fighting the good fight. My goodness, how it has been a fight to get through all of this. But we have been getting to know the angels. As we have been getting to know the angels we have been gaining health and strength. Every single conversation, every single understanding....we have been seeing them work with us in a huge battle against the disease that we have been trying to heal. My oldest daughter has seen healing from all of this work. We could not just find the answers in the medical realm. We had to find answers in nutrition, we have had to find answers in the psychic spiritual world!! We have been seeking, studying, learning, pressing forward sometimes through hardship. But in the meantime, we all made friends with the angels. That is so lovely. It is lovely to find friendship with the angels and recieve good benefits. But also, we found friends with the spirits of our ancestors. We found friends with the spirits of nature. We found friends in all the resources that we could reach out to in our endeavor of learning how to overcome. Now that is so exciting.


And as I thought, that is what this website is about. We are all friends of the psychic world on this website. We seek to understand these things that our intuition and perceptions are giving us in this unique way of being psychic. Understanding the energy and messages that we gain from all things around us who tell us all that we need to know. They actually tell us more than we think at every given time. It is exciting to be apart of this website and with other friends. People who make friends with all of this wonderful exciting energy beings that seem to give us so much all the time!!! Thank you all for being our friends and giving us that encouragement every day that we visit this site!!!

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Comment by Rachel on February 12, 2012 at 5:56pm

Seconded! :)


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