Hi folks, I am posting this early, as I will be on the road to Florida as of Sunday morning, Nov. 1st. I will be out of touch for about a week. I may stop in Hiddenite, NC to do a little prospecting for garnet and sapphires, weather permitting.

Here is the Gemstone of the week entry to tied you over 'til I return to the airwaves. This week it is Obsidian.


Hi all, I keep a large amount of obsidian in my house. I also have a rather large piece by my front door. Obsidian is volcanic glass and it is a substance that cuts to the chase and reflects negativity back to the sender. It acts like a mirror. The Aztecs named their god of war Tezcatlipoca, which means an obsidian mirror, "The Smoking Mirror". It has been used as a looking glass and scrying instrument all over the world for thousands of years. It is found where ever there is volcanic activity past or present. It has very sharp edges, razor sharp! Be careful when handling pieces that are not smooth and polished. Obsidian comes in many varieties and colors. It ranges from black, red, to dark green. It flakes easily and Native Ameicans made deadly arrow points and spearheads out of it. It is so sharp that surgery has been done with it! Watch your fingers, but keep some around for protection. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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