Hi all, Kunzite is an amazing stone. I first came across it in the 1980's. It attracted me like no other stone. It had a loving energy about it. I really mean, you can feel love coming out of this stone. Kunzite itself is the pink form of spodumene. It keys in with the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. It tunes into the heart chakra. Kunzite removes obstacles from one's path, that alone is reason enough to own some! It has the knack of removing negativity in a lovinig way. It is very powerful and has been used to dispel evil spirits. Most of it comes from Afghanistan, so expect this stone to be somewhat scarce due to the war there. If you come across it, buy it. It is a very special "helper" stone. It is also a very beautiful piece of God's mineral kingdom. The picture in the above link does not do it justice. I will try to track down some better shots of Kunzite and post them. Click on the above link for more info. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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