Hi all, This week's stone is jade. Jade is a highly revered stone. The Chinese and Japanese are very fond of it. The Mayans put great stock in the stone and saw it as a currency of heaven. Pieces of jade were placed in the mouths of the deceased to "pay" their way in heaven. Jade is also a stone of prosperity, particularly the green shades. There are two kinds of jade one being jadeite and the other nephrite. Jadeite is the better of the two, being classed as a true gemstone of value, nephrite is more common and therefore more affordable. Both carry the same vibration. A tumbled piece of nephrite jade in your pocket lends energy to your wallet! Jade is also known to help people with kidney problems. Notice the name nephrite and its relationship to the kidneys. Carved jade frogs are used for good luck money charms in China. Go to the above website for more info. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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Comment by Teresa Crane on September 28, 2009 at 1:46am
Hey, Chris! This will be a great place for us to keep tabs on the weekly stone/gen/crystal! Thanks for spending time finding, logging, and describing these for us! I look forward to what you will have on the site, too! (L) Teresa
Comment by Christopher Ree on September 28, 2009 at 2:17am
Hey, Teresa and everyone! I love stones and there is much more that I will be posting. This week's stone will the king of stones, Quartz Crystal. It's the one we all love. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree


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