Hi all, Fluorite is a stone of many colors. I have always loved this stone and you will see it in many forms. It is carved, collected, and florescent. This stone illuminates under UV. (black light). It is a stone of intellectual stimulation. It is good for thinking and solving problems. This stone is easy and inexpensive to acquire. When you see a piece of the color you like, buy it! It is an especially good stone for Picses and Capricorns. It is a stone that promotes overall well being. I call it a comfort stone. I always have a piece close to me at all times. Each different color will vibrate at a different frequency, so you can mix and match in combinations with this one stone in its many different colors. I find that this stone gives me the ability to focus and think clearly. This is one of my favorite stones. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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